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Volleyball team succumbs to Walnut HS


  On Tuesday, the volleyball team lost to Walnut HS with a score of 0-3.

 According to Captain Lauren Le (12) the team prepared for the game by practicing many drills.

  “We did a lot of serve receives, which is when there’s  and the coach  serves the ball to the three people on the court and [they] have to pass the ball to their setter. [We] also practiced staying low and moving our feet,” Le said.

  Outside hitter Heidi Tang (9) believes that the outcome of the game was affected by lack of teamwork.

  “We don’t communicate or work well together, since we are a new team. This is an issue because volleyball is a team sport, but we haven’t established enough trust. We also have not practiced with each other enough so it’s not comfortable. There’s  no chemistry with the team,” Tang said.

  Le agrees that the lack of  communication played a key role toward their loss.

  “We didn’t play as one. In volleyball, [players] play different positions. You have your spikers and your setters,” Le said. “Sometimes when the ball comes over the net, the pass isn’t there, or when we execute the play, the hit isn’t there. It’s really important to have communication.”

  To improve, Tang hopes for the team to try their best  for future matches.

 “My goal for the season and upcoming games is for us to be more confident. Most of the  time, I’m really nervous, so I want to gain confidence in my playing,” Tang said.

  To reach her goals, Tang is determined to practice more.

  “To improve and reach my goals, I want to practice more with the team and try to not be afraid of messing up.”

  The girls’ next game will be away at Bell Gardens HS next Thursday.

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