Voices of Wilson spread Valentine’s day cheer with Love Songs Concert


   Choir hosted its annual Love Songs Concert on Feb. 11 and Feb. 12.

  The concert featured solo and group performances by all four choir groups, Aria, Sorellé, Harmony and Rhythm as well as additional choir members who auditioned separately. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the performances included popular love songs like “All of Me” and “I Want You Back.”

  According to choir director DeJohn Brown, the success of the concert came from the choir members’ hard work and commitment to the program. 

  “The Love Songs Concert provides choir students [an opportunity] to display their [individual skills] with solos, duets, and groups [contrasting] the four usual choir groups,” Brown said. “[Ultimately], the students make the Love Songs Concert special, as they put in a lot of passion and effort in four to five minutes of singing. They work really hard and you could see [their dedication] in their performance.” 

 Moreover, junior choir member Sophia Zheng who sang “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele expressed how the concert provided new ways for choir members to perform.

  “I enjoyed [being a part of] the Love Songs concert because there are many opportunities for [choir members] to showcase their singing and have fun on stage,” Zheng said.  

  In addition, sophomore choir member Imani Lee, who soloed “Endless Love,” believed the Love Songs Concert provided everlasting memories for both the audience and members.

  “Being with my friends and performing in front of an audience is something I will definitely [keep close to my heart],” Lee said. “It reminds me of how sad I will be once my senior choir friends graduate, but the concert [served as one of the memorable moments] that I will continue to cherish.”

  Choir’s will host the annual Spring Concert in April.



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