Voices of Wilson Holds YES Concert


 Voices of Wilson performed at its annual Year End Showcase (YES) Concert from Apr. 29 to 30.

 Choir held the YES Concert at the amphitheaters at 7 P.M. on both days. Throughout the two days, over thirty performances, ranging from solos to duets to group songs, took place. Rhythm, Harmony, Sorelle and Aria also performed at the concert. At the end of the second day, Choir director DeJohn Brown sang a special song dedicated to the seniors.

 According to Brown, the YES Concert is much more special than the usual concerts for a sentimental reason.

 “The first night was a great opportunity for younger students to display their talents, but the second night was really special because hearing the students that had been in choir for so long singing one last time was an amazing experience for me,” Brown said. “The happiness and bittersweet emotions shown on the kids’ faces as they sang like a family together made me realize how wonderful it is to be a teacher. I really value each and every one of the students, and it was a very memorable night.”

 Despite the successful nights, president senior Sarina Liang believes that the show can still be improved for next year.

 “[While] the performance was a success, I [wish] more of the [student body] would come to attend our concert, because we worked very hard to put on a great show,” Liang said. “Next year, there should be more publicizing of the event to raise awareness about our concert.”

 Overall, audience member senior Cherise Ching had a great time watching the concert.

 “This is the first concert I have [attended] this year, and I do not regret going because it was an amazing experience,” Ching said. “My favorite part was being able to see all my friends sing for one last time and to [show] support for the performers.”

 Voices of Wilson will be performing at graduation on May 21.


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