Voices of Wilson holds Chipotle fundraiser

Glen A. Wilson’s Voices of Wilson (VOW) held a fundraiser at Chipotle on Sep. 12.

The Voices of Wilson is made up of people from the school choir. They held their fundraiser in order to raise more money to help their program.

When asked about what the goal for this fundraiser is, junior member Felicity Yu stated that it helps the program tremendously by a lot.

“The fundraiser helps us do more social events, more bondings with each other,  and for any competitions that we have,” said Yu

Of course, just as with any fundraisers, there’s a lot of background work and communication required between the host and the place hosting the event, as said by senior president Ronald Lu.

“It was more so delegation to the vice presidents of activities who managed all the contact with chipotle and the vice presidents of publicity who created a flier and helped promote the event,” said Lu.

Moreover, senior member Imani Lee, the fundraiser was very successful and fun..

“The fundraiser went very well, we raised a lot of money, and it felt great to be able to have fun and support the choir, at the same time,” said Lee

With the conclusion of this fundraiser, the VOW cabinets have yet to confirm the official date of another fundraiser, however, students can definitely expect another fundraiser like this one soon. In the meantime, VOW will have its first concert on Oct.12.

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