Voices of Wilson holds annual Fall Concert

Voices of Wilson (VOW) held their first choir Fall Concert this Wednesday, Oct. 19th in the gym. Tickets were sold the week before and the week leading up to the concert for $5. 

Each group performed 3-4 songs

Songs like “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra and “Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James perfectly fit the fall ambiance.

VOW’s choir president, Felicity Yu (12) shares how proud she was of the choir program for their first performance. 

“My favorite part from last night was singing the group songs at the very beginning and at the very end of the concert,” said Yu. “It felt like we were very united, which is something I think all our concerts should be about where we [collectively] make great music for our audience.”

Trinity Tran (11) women’s ensemble leader and historian (clarify) looks forward to the start of a year of performances.

“The Fall concert is really a time where we start learning new things and it is a show of our preparation,” said Tran. “Many of us are new, and even for returning members it is really fun just to come together and just enjoy must and spread that love for it with everyone else in hopes that in the future will we have even better performances”

Gordon Lu (11) elaborates on the preparation behind the event as they have put in much time and effort to get ready for the concert. 

“We practiced so much, I am so proud of us, we had so many practices together, even a weekend practice,” exclaimed Lu. “We also wanted to share your thanks to Mr. Brown and Miss Katherine for helping us make this concert come to life.”

The choir was an overall success, as the gym was filled with supportive friends and family members of each choir group. The next concert will be the Winter Concert held in December.


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