Voices of Wilson Choir Concert Season Begins with New “Hello Concert”

On Sep. 8, the Voices of Wilson (V.O.W.) Choral Program introduced a new concert to their annual itinerary–the Hello Concert. 

The choir organized and executed the concert during the first month of the semester, with the 15 selected singers taking extra voice lessons with Mr. Brown, the V.O.W Choir Director, and the leadership team organizing the concert itself.

Mr. Brown elaborates upon what inspired the decision to create the Hello Concert for the 2023-2024 Choral season. 

“For the past couple of years, a lot of choir students were asking for more opportunities to perform more and I thought it was a desire that was worth investing in,” Brown described. “We decided to add the Hello Concert right at the beginning of the year and take the opportunity to invite our campus to hear the Voices of Wilson sing.”

Similarly, adding the Hello Concert was something Gordon Lu (12), the president of the V.O.W. Choral Program, initiated to give the choir an earlier opportunity to showcase their individual voices.

“The concert is not intended for our choirs to sing choir music, but instead, it is to allow our choir students to perform music we don’t always get to sing in class. From the audition process to performing for others, we had the opportunity to grow in courage and achieve a greater shared love for singing and music,” Lu explained. “And all is to say, the Hello Concert was a way for us to say ‘hello!’ and give you a delicious taste of what is to come this school year!”

Reflecting upon the success of the concert, Alicia Park (12), alto section leader, shares how she would love to have the Hello Concert remain as a V.O.W. staple for years to come. 

“Just like what the name suggests, this concert is a great welcoming for the year. It gives people a great opportunity to showcase their musical talents!”

With many more concerts to come, the V.O.W. has already made their mark!

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