Virtual Club Rush introduces student body to a variety of activities

Associated Student Body (ASB) organized a virtual Club Rush for the student body on Monday, Oct. 7.

Club Rush functions as an on-campus school-wide event run by both the staff and students of the school. The event allows students to familiarize themselves with the many clubs that exist within the school. To accommodate distance learning protocols, this year’s virtual Club Rush consisted of a video compilation of the introduction and a summary of 40 clubs, with one minute assigned to each organization.

As stated by school principal Dr. Danielle Kenfield, the exceptional video surpassed her expectations and gave students an enjoyable viewing experience.

“The students who submitted videos did an excellent job; I was very impressed with the quality of their work given the time constraints. The presentations were much more informative and reached a wider audience than what [a regular club-rush] would have done,” Kenfield said.

According to the head of Inner Club Connections senior Namea Allen, the virtual club rush produced many benefits, including greater organization compared to previous years.

“I believe [this form of virtual club rush] was more efficient than the ones on campus because of how the event was structured. Instead of dealing with the chaos of all being together in the gym, every student was able to obtain a shorter, more condensed form of information regarding each and every club all in a single 40-minute video,’’ Allen said.
Furthermore, participant sophomore Katrina Liang believed the virtual club rush lacked the benefits of social interaction and failed to fully represent each club.

“In previous years, club members were actually able to interact personally and bond with the new students. However, this year, the students just watched a short compilation of each club’s introduction; [students] got bored easily as they were not able to directly interact with the clubs they are interested in,” Liang said.

Clubs will submit their applications to the administration for approval on Oct. 16.

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