Viral Little Miss Trend Strikes Glen A. Wilson High School For The Worse

Warning: The contents of this piece is a heavy topic, reader discretion is advised. Students who partook in this article shall stay anonymous for their privacy. This article is not opinion based.

A controversial wave of  social media accounts has recently hit Glen A. Wilson’s campus causing tension among students. The account littlems.gawhs, became the hot topic of the school after being inspired by the trend where a small characteristic is used to describe someone. e.g.  Little miss booklover for someone who enjoys reading books. 

In under a week, the account received a massive amount of attention, gaining over 400 followers who attend Wilson. Posts ranged from harmless traits likelittle miss” fabulous to demeaning things that dehumanized the person. 

One of the two owners of the account vocalized that they were “just the messenger.” This was in an attempt to alleviate the drama as students were becoming angered after the posts escalated. 

One student who was publicly posted on the account numerous times says, “I do not think it was meant to be entirely harmless at first because they knew what was going to happen. However, the account did not really do anything, it was mainly people’s friends who were sending things in about them.”

She also shared, “It did not really affect me. I mean I was mad about it at first but at the end of the day I could not really do anything as the entire account was anonymous.”

Another student who witnessed the posts on the accounts states, “I think the account had a negative impact on the school during the time it was up due to false rumors being spread about students more quickly than usual. Another reason being that it could have caused harm to a student’s safety.”

Lastly, another spectator suggests, “I think the person who made it was probably just bored and they were immature about the situation as well.”

The administration here at Wilson worked hard to keep the students safe by finding the perpetrator as fast as they could. 

Littlems.gawhs was not the first campus account as there have been several incidents like this in the past. There really is no way to stop it as new students look for some newfound “fun” every year. Students can report any new accounts to administration or learn to keep peace on campus in order to stop these incidents from happening more often.


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