Video games and their dangerous myth?

Video games have been around for decades, it is a byproduct of human advancement in technology and never once in the past millennia has gaming been as diverse as it is today.

With that diversity, however, comes with the risk of inappropriate exposure, the most common instances lie within children. Whether video games are good or bad, the truth is that they are one of the most influential aspects of one’s childhood. This influence sparks the question, are video games causing evil? Do they do more harm than good to players who play them?

Yes, it is undeniable that video games have some major flaws; however, it is not because of the games themselves but rather because of the people who play them

As previously stated, video games are played by all ages. As such, they are inherently neutral, meaning that while they can cause harm to the players, they are not made to do so. In terms of inappropriate exposure, in many cases, it is usually the fault of those who are in charge of what the players play.

Now, some individuals may argue that children are becoming violent due to exposure to graphic video games. But in reality, parents have more control over their children’s behavior and their exposure to media and entertainment. For instance, games have age ratings to determine their maturity, but younger consumers still buy these games unsuitable for their age. Consequently, the game companies should not be blamed for the negligence of the consumers. It is like allowing a child to drink bleach and end up suing the company for making the bleach poisonous.

Additionally, another argument against video games is that they are too addictive. When another person try to get players to stop, they often start to exhibit upsetting or even violent behaviors. While it is undeniable that these incidents definitely demonstrate how addictive the games are, this negative reaction can also be present in other situations as well. People often get mad when activities they enjoy are taken away from them even if it is not pertaining to video games. That is human nature, as such when humans act violently, is it really the fault of the games?

Furthermore, one of the strongest arguments against playing video games is that it is a waste of time. Instead of using their time to engage in virtual games, players should be doing something more productive or beneficial. However, that is hypocritical because people would not say the same thing about reading books or playing sports. People often do things not because it is productive or meaningful but because it is fun. So following the same logic, are video games not the same?

Ultimately, video games are not evil, nor will they ever be; they serve the same purpose as any other form of entertainment. Like humans, the more technology progresses, the more advanced video games will become.


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