Varsity Girls Tennis Team: Celebrating Their Wins and Looking at What’s Next!

  Wilson’s varsity girls’ tennis team is already up and running for their matches–showing just how ready they are for the season ahead of them!

  On Thursday, Aug. 24th, the team played their first game against Chaffey High School. Even though it had been only two weeks since the semester began, our Wilson tennis players did an amazing job, winning the game with a score of 10-8.

  Just a few days after their first game, on Tuesday, Aug. 29th, the team was scheduled to play against Charter Oak High School at home. But due to the sweltering, 90+ degree heat, the match was canceled and postponed for another day. Nonetheless,  The Wildcats took on La Serna High School on Thursday, Aug. 31st at home and they most certainly racked up on their points, as the end result of the game showed that they won with a score of ten to eight.

  Captain Caroleen Wei reveals that she has a goal in mind for this year’s tennis team, along with explaining how it could come to life.

  “Our primary goal as a team is to improve our skills, foster strong teamwork, and strive for excellence on and off the court. We’re aiming to win our league matches and make it into CIF while maintaining a supportive team environment,” Wei verbalizes. 

  “As a captain, I will watch out for my teams, help out our coach, and make sure everyone is working together to improve. Along with the other captains, we will motivate, support, and continue to lead our team towards a bigger victory. Together, we will work hard during practice and continue to enhance our skills.”

  Speaking of matches and leagues, co-captain Victoria Lin shares some valuable advice for newcomers and returning players when it comes to upcoming games.

  “I would say to be ready to fight for the points. Not every match is going to be easy so it is important to be mentally prepared and not give up even if you’re losing,” Lin says.

Finally, varsity player Thin Myat Thazin explains her reasoning for joining the tennis team.

  “Playing tennis has always been a part of my life. My dad used to play professionally in his time, so the sport was always a part of my family. When my dad took me to the courts for the first time when I was 5, my tennis journey started, and it never stopped. I’ve been playing for most of my life and when I entered high school, I knew it was the sport I was going to focus on,” Thazin replies.

  “What made me sure of joining tennis was the team. Everyone was so inviting and sweet that it was a no-brainer. Tennis is a sport where you feel like a family, and that is what made me join our amazing Glen A. Wilson tennis team.”

  The team’s next game will be on Tuesday, September 5th at 3:30 PM, with their opponent being San Dimas High School. It is yet to be determined where the game will take place, but let’s give our girls’ tennis team the applause they so very much deserve!

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