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Unhealthy one-sided relationships need to be addressed

(Perspectives) Samantha Parra 

  Need a place to dump your feelings? Get an emotional trash can today!

 Nowadays, anything can spur unceasing negative emotions or thoughts: school, extracurriculars, family, or friends. When these pessimistic feelings start to pile up, individuals usually need someone to let out all their long-held emotions to.

  Specifically, these pessimistic people let out all their emotions and almost always come back to complain more. They create a one-sided relationship while holding on tightly to their “personal dumping ground,” developing a dependency and not considering the other person’s perspective or emotions. Essentially, these people think that their friend will always be there listening and absorbing their emotions for them.

 However, the people being used are often overwhelmed or affected by their friend’s emotion. They may not realize it, but they are being used as one-sided emotional support.

 For many, it is difficult to discern this manipulation.   Even when people identify the unhealthy one-sided relationship, some will hesitate to end it for several reasons.

 One, there often is a false hope that human “trash cans” clings on to, that in the end, everything will get better. Furthermore, these emotional burdened people are reluctant to go through the trouble that comes with ending a friendship or relationship. Sometimes, leaving the relationship causes more problems than just staying in it.

 In a sense, overwhelming someone with emotional baggage can be represented by a trash can. To  some individuals, people can be used as human “trash cans,” serving the same purpose as a literal trash can—that is, the person takes in and carries the emotional garbage no one wants anymore. He or she is used for the sole purpose of dumping emotions and in the end, they are generally not given a chance for any emotional support at all.

  Eventually, the trash will pile up to an unhealthy amount. If there is no one to take out the trash, the effects will be damaging.

 The human “trash can” will gradually  develop a pessimistic view of the world. In essence, the overfill of emotional garbage can drastically change an individual. Pessimism will spread and grow, as it is doing now, decreasing everyone’s confidence and morale for life.         

  Nevertheless, the problem can be solved through a process. Once a toxic relationship is recognized, there are only two options: let the other person know or let go.

  First, talk to the other person. Let them know the reality of the one-sided relationship. Since ending a friendship can be hard, communicating the change is necessary. If this person does not listen, then it is time to let go. In this case, it is absolutely crucial to end the relationship. Walk away from what is the most damaging, even if he or she is a “good friend.”         

  Ultimately, individuals do not deserve to be used as others’ emotional dumping grounds. They need to realize that these “trash cans” are humans as well.

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