Unexpected circumstances make HOCO ‘22 a night to remember

On Oct. 22, Glen A. Wilson High School’s (GAWHS) homecoming dance moves indoors due to unexpected rain.

Homecoming is an annual tradition at GAWHS for years. Leading up to the dance, students and staff participate in spirit week activities, rallies and a Homecoming football game the night before the Homecoming dance. 

These festive celebrations eventually welcome the homecoming dance on Saturday, which usually takes place outdoors on GAWHS campus. But this year, the chilly weather supplemented by rain moved this well-loved GAWHS tradition to take place in the gym.

Despite the unusual circumstances, participant Kevin Xiong (12) describes his night at homecoming.

“Even though the gym was hot and musty, the bustling atmosphere of people hanging out and dancing still gave me a fun time,” Xiong recalls. “[And] this homecoming is very special to me since it is my first and last homecoming. It was definitely worth it..”

Although being indoors is not the most ideal situation for the crowded homecoming dance, Emily Alexlord (11) discusses her likes and dislikes of the experience.

“I was nervous about how crowded the gym is going to be, but I still enjoyed the atmosphere and ice cream,” Alexlord said. “But I did not enjoy the water not being free and people throwing water at the DJ.”

Additionally, Lisa Yuan (9), another student who attended homecoming for the first time also comments on her overall experience.

“I personally liked the indoor homecoming because of its party-like atmosphere that gets you in the mood to let go and have fun,” Yuan explains. “For me, homecoming was really fun, especially the photo booths.”

With coordinated preparation and entertaining events, this year’s homecoming dance still gave students a fun opportunity to break out of their stressful routines. Now as Halloween and the holiday-season approach near, the students will be on the lookout for further events from

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