Trump’s impeachment part II

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Like fetid sludge seeping into a storm drain, we may finally be rid of former President Trump for good.

The House of Representatives has voted (232–197) to impeach the 45th US President Donald J. Trump for the second time: citing his role in inciting the act of terrorism that happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

A year after his acquittal during his first trial wherein he was accused of obstructing Congress and abusing his power, Trump’s second impeachment trial officially commenced on Feb. 9 and is currently ongoing.

America is in need of a capable leader who understands and respects the nation’s core values. Trump has tried to interfere with and violate the election process, undermining the value of American democracy. The impeachment of Trump sends an urgent message to the political figures of the United States that citizens want to see a change in the nation.

During the first day of his trial, the House Democrats presented evidence in favor of impeaching Trump ranging from security footage and police radio calls to the president’s own social media posts that supported their claim that he was the cause behind the acts of violence at the Capitol. Trump’s defense lawyers are to present their case against impeachment on Friday and Saturday.

Becoming one of the only few presidents to have been impeached and the first president in US history to have ever been impeached twice, Trump’s second impeachment should serve as a wake-up call to Americans to realize that he lacks the responsibility needed in order to lead and represent an entire nation with wisdom and proper knowledge.

The resolution to impeach Donald Trump states that the former US president is charged with “incitement of insurrection” (i.e. the provocation of a violent uprising against authority) stemming from his previous remarks falsely claiming that the results of the presidential election were “the product of widespread fraud and should not be accepted by the American people.” The legal document states that the former president encouraged the unlawful riots at the Capitol with statements such as “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” These remarks are unbecoming of a person who is in charge of leading a country. Being in a position wherein a country’s future hinges upon its leader’s actions, his words hold great power.

Through the mind-bending apathy present while he addresses the American population, it makes it easier to misconstrue incorrect information as facts. Trump’s incompetence as the leader of a nation is shown through the way in which he utilizes his platforms in order to spread false information during last year’s presidential election cycle.

The article of impeachment also cites Trump’s repeated claim that he had won the election by a landslide as another one of the misdemeanors that he is being accused of. In a tweet from Trump’s now-deleted Twitter account, he writes “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” along with other unsubstantiated follow-up tweets asserting his claim. This led the court to believe that the protestors’ intentions of storming the Capitol were rooted in Trump’s word insinuating that there was election fraud present during last year’s presidential race and that his votes were stolen. Even though the members of his administration attested to the veracity of the votes during the 2020 election, Trump still resorted to spreading false and baseless information through the lack of responsibility in using his words as the (former) sitting president.

On the contrary, phone calls between Trump and Georgia state election officials have been released wherein Trump adjured state election officials to overturn the election results in his favor in states where opposing candidate Biden had an edge over him in the electoral votes. His accusatory remarks that the elections were rigged paired with his phone calls wherein he, himself, sought to overturn the results of the election reveal the marks of an underhanded and dishonest leader through and through.

The fact that Trump has been impeached twice during his incumbency speaks volumes about his character and actions as a leader of the United States. He has continually committed acts that go against the democratic principles that the country is based upon. Through committing actions such as attempting to curb citizens’ votes during the 2020 presidential elections to influencing a group of extremist right-wingers to hold an attack on government property, the former president of the United States has shown that he is leading the nation into a path without a proper sense of direction or promise.

The impeachment of former US President Donald Trump is not merely an accusation, it is a statement by the American people. A declaration that they do not want to live in a nation with a leader incapable of using his words in order to unite its citizens. This historical impeachment shows their ardent desire to move the United States of America into a more positive direction wherein its leaders and government officials are able to use their voices in order to enact positive change within the nation.

The fight is not over yet, though as Trump has only been impeached in the House of Representatives. By uniting together with our fellow Americans to have the former president impeached in the Senate as well, the country can start to truly flourish, now rid of Trump’s toxic influence over its affairs.


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