Travis Scott’s new single has another “Plan”

IT’S LIT! Travis Scott is back with a bang.

On Aug. 18, Houston rapper Travis Scott, also known as La Flame, revealed to audiences via a new profile with Gentleman’s Quarterly Magazine that he would release a new single, “The Plan,” set to be a part of the soundtrack from Christopher Nolan’s new upcoming film TENET later that week.

The heavily anticipated thriller follows the story of a secret agent who must embark on a dangerous mission through time to prevent the beginning of World War III. The film is set to feature names such as Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, and will hit theaters on Sep. 3.

In anticipation of the film’s release, it’s lead single “The Plan” hit streaming services Aug. 21. Undoubtedly, from the reaction of long-time fans, La Flame was the right choice for this upcoming soundtrack.

Arguably, the most gripping and ear-catching part of the song comes out right from the gate. The track begins with a massive and thunderous analog bass line that takes heavy influence from 80s style but also incorporates lower tones to give it a nearly unsettling feel. The song’s instrumentals created a mysterious and hypnotic tune that would leave the listener to contemplate what comes next. To complement the new style of production, Scott comes through with his patented auto-tuned vocal chops. Much like his music in the past that has garnered him many fans, this sound works perfectly alongside fresh instrumentation.

Moving past the intro of the track, Travis begins his verse with a very familiar flow. Along with Scott’s rapping, the format of the song feels familiar. The slow trudging beat, the natural progression of the production, and most noticeably, the grand climax the song transitions to.

With the song, audiences get the classic Travis Scott sound and format that has made him so popular over the years, like on his critically acclaimed projects “Rodeo,” “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight,” and his 2018 Grammy-nominated album “Astroworld.” While at the same time, this trademark style is paired with a brand new sound of production that prevents the song from being boring.

Ironically, this lack of variety is what has sparked complaints from listeners who believe that the change of sound for the song takes away from Scott’s typically very energetic music. Although it is true that Scott sides with a more monochromatic tone in his vocals, it is unfair to criticize solely based on the fact that the song doesn’t emulate his earlier work in its entirety. If artists were to release the same project every single year without variation, then their music would likely become stale over time. So although his sound on this new song can be seen as forgettable, his change of pace makes it all the more exciting.

Despite mixed reviews, Scott is not stopping anytime soon. Along with announcing the release of his new single, La Flame also teased new music to come, in collaboration with fellow MC Kid Cudi. This follows the release of the two rapper’s number one single from earlier this year, “THE SCOTTS.” Although he did not go too far into detail on his upcoming work, Scott has given us plenty to look forward to.

Consequently, if Travis can continue his hot streak on his upcoming collaboration with Kid Cudi, the project will surely be one of the biggest hits of the year.

In the end, Scott has made it “The Plan” for listeners to keep an eye on his upcoming releases, all while giving us a stellar new single to boot.

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