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Tiger Woods’ injury complicates his performance for this year’s season

Tiger Woods might have trouble making another hole in one after his latest accident.

American professional golfer Tiger Woods has suffered a major injury from a car accident on Feb. 23.

Woods was an inspirational player when he became the first African American and youngest golfer to win the U.S. Masters at Augusta in 1997. Woods had also won 13 more majors and had been given the title, the PGA Player of the Year, ten times throughout the following twelve years he would be playing. He also had another Masters victory in 2019, giving him his first in around eleven years and tied with Sam Snead’s record of 82 PGA Tour wins.

In his younger years, Tiger Woods had been taught golf techniques by his father, Earl Woods. When he grew older, he studied at Stanford University and won a large number of amateur golf titles before experiencing professional competitions in 1996. In 2005, he had won six championships and was voted the PGA Tour Player of Year for the seventh time within nine years.

As his career soared, Woods had faced a major loss in 2006 when his father had passed away from cancer. Although he was mourning the death of his best friend and mentor, Woods was able to win multiple events like the PGA Championship and the British Open. It is tragic for someone to lose a person they deeply cared about, so Tiger Woods continuing his winning streak was very admirable.

Now, in 2021, Tiger Woods is suffering from injuries from a car accident. According to the update on his social media account, he had multiple comminuted open fractures to both upper and lower sections of his tibia and fibula in his right leg, along with an ankle wound and muscle trauma. From this, he had to have his right leg stabilized with a rod being inserted into his tibia. He also had screws and pins for his foot and ankle. For many, this could be quite traumatizing and scary especially if you have never gone through a large medical incident before.

In this condition, it would be extremely hard for him to continue to compete for a while. His leg injuries could prevent him from properly balancing his swings strengthening his base. This will most definitely affect his season. On the bright side, this could give different champions a chance at rising up to the spotlight till he returns.

At the moment, Woods is going through a hiatus that had started around late December of 2020. He had been aiming to play during the 2021 Masters in April, but will most likely sit out from body damage. His performance in 2020 was stable and remarkable. He competed in multiple competitions, such as the Farmers Insurance Open and the Genesis Invitational. Although he was doing well, he confessed in an interview with GolfTV in April stating his career had taken a toll on his body and health. He had shown signs of struggling physically after playing again in the middle of the year. Before taking his break, Woods was last seen playing with his son. It is really heartwarming to see Tiger Woods show the same support and teaching skills his father had used with him.

Tiger Woods has been a huge role model to many and has dominated the golf industry throughout his career. He has been able to get back up after major failures since 2009. This incident could be a sign that he should allow the spotlight to be turned to younger professionals rising up in the community.

Hopefully, his foot injury recovers quickly so he can continue doing what he loves.

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