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Thoughts on “Midnight in Paris”


ASB Advisor: Mrs. Branconier

Describe the preparation for Homecoming week.

 “Homecoming week was very [busy]. We started setting up for the rally and the half time show for Friday’s football game on Thursday. After that, we were here [preparing] for the dance on Saturday morning until the [actual Homecoming event].”

What are your thoughts on Midnight in Paris and the turnout of the event?

 “I loved Midnight in Paris, because it was different and gave the [dance] an eloquent [feeling]. The dance  itself was very successful and [had] over 500 attendees.”

What are some of the things you enjoyed about this year’s Homecoming?

 “The dance turned out really well. It was a great night for Wildcats to come together and represent our school.”

What are some differences from last year and some changes you want to implicate for next year?

 “All of the [changes] we saw were positive. [For example], this year’s halftime show had thrones instead of cars, which I would really like to use again next year. I would also like to see another successful halftime show.

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Homecoming King: David Orduna (12)

What was your reaction to winning Homecoming King?

 “It was really unexpected when I got nominated, because I never imagined myself [being the Homecoming] King.”

How did you campaign?

 “My mom and I made posters. She was a [big supporter] of my campaign.”

What was your favorite part about Homecoming?

 “I really liked the cheesecakes and the hype that came [from] certain energetic EDM songs.”

What did you like better at this Homecoming compared to previous years?

 “The tent had a lot of ventilation, while last year’s was closed off and terribly hot. [There was] also  good food, and I really appreciated that.”


Homecoming Queen: Karla Sandoval (12)

What was your reaction to being winning Homecoming queen?

 “I was very shocked. I rushed my [campaign] because of Homecoming preparation, which made the thought of winning Homecoming Queen the last thing on my mind.”

How did you campaign?

 “I made posters and spread the word through my friends and social media.”

What was your favorite part about Homecoming?

 “My favorite part about Homecoming was the dance, because it was like a rave and I had a lot of [fun].”

What did you like better at this Homecoming compared to previous years?

 “Something that was different this year was the atmosphere the seniors had at the dance; we had a lot of  enthusiasm, and everyone had a [good time].”


Alina Der Bedrossian (11)

What was your favorite part about Homecoming?

 “I really liked the set up, with the [music] and cute decorations. [For instance], I liked how the food table was set up as a bakery.”

What are some differences you noticed from last year’s dance?

 “I liked this year’s dance better, because you can see how ASB went the extra mile with all the decorations.”

What did you enjoy about Midnight in Paris?

 “The theme was a really cute idea, especially with the rally and decorations. The dance was really enjoyable, because I got to have fun with my friends and eat good food.”

If you were to attend next year, would you like a different location?

 “Homecoming is perfectly fine where it is [now], because it lets us [save money] and create memories at school.”

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