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  Over the course of this past year AI technology has had some significant growth in just a span of 12 months. From AI being able to make art with fewer mistakes and being able to write slightly less robotically, there has been lots of growth with Open Ai and their ChatGPT and other AI systems.

  While the technology continues to grow it has also sparked controversy in education, the tech industry, and in corporate workplaces. The structure of these sectors will change as we continue to debate whether limits should be placed on it and its uses.

  While AI has had rapid growth over the course of the year it has already begun to affect job environments. As this happens the public began to be divided into two groups either against or in favor of AI.

  In an article by CNN, they report that near the beginning of this year roughly five thousand five hundred people have been laid off only two weeks into the new year in the tech industry.

  While companies have been laying off general workers such as engineers and developers, they have also been hiring more and more AI developers at the same time, prompting more companies to invest heavily in the technology. Despite the continued hiring of AI developers, companies continue to layoff more workers. This paradoxical nature is what will inevitably kill AI as the larger and stronger AI gets the more people it will need to maintain and fix it, making this an unsustainable system. 

  Reuters said in an article that both google and amazon are taking initiative to develop AI. Analyst Gil Luria of D.A. Davidson & Co had this to say: “No company wants to get left behind by the AI revolution and they are all making sure they have these capabilities and are prioritizing them, even when it is at the expense of other initiatives.” This is troubling because by doubling down on efforts to advance AI it pulls away resources from other tools and devices that could do better in the long run.

  In addition to this increased development of AI, google is also creating tools in order to replace their advertising team. Ars Technica says in an article that “Google’s generative AI ad system is part of a product called “Performance Max,” which works by autonomously remixing and tweaking your ads using the click-through rate as an instant feedback system.” They go on to say that this will most likely phase out human-made ads due to this program being able to produce ads thousands of times a second. This could affect marketing in lots of ways because with AI creating every ad you see, you inevitably miss out on the human element of ads that make some of them funny or stick in your head.

  Despite all the investment into the technology some remain skeptical of the money making ability of this new tech.

  Job losses due to AI have been happening since last year, however. CBS news reported that in May of 2023, nearly four thousand jobs were lost due to AI and the number has only grown since. Although these AI were not so good at their assigned tasks, people were still beginning to cut jobs in favor of cheaper labor and better profit, which shows how much more the technology has to go before it can be fully implemented. However some analysts say that AI will create more jobs and new industries. “analysts note that as with previous technology that has replaced human workers, generative AI is already creating new jobs, and the burgeoning industry is just getting started.” 

  The only downside to this though is that most of the jobs involved in AI are teaching related. Just to clarify, this job involves teaching AI how to write more like people and make things more creatively. This means that eventually AI will most likely be able to teach other AI how to be creative and resourceful. This is essentially training the worker who will replace you at your work. The common theme with AI seems to be that people will lose their jobs to the things that they created and this is a horribly unsustainable system.

  The future regarding AI seems uncertain, but hope seems bright with new jobs and industries on the horizon.

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