These captains put the WIN in WINter sports!


Girls’ Basketball


Miya Yi (12)

Why did you decide to join this sport?

“I have been playing basketball since I was six; from there, I have learned to love the game and I have a lot of passion for it. I plan to continue playing in college [because] it is fun, competitive and provides opportunities to make a lot of friends.”

What is your favorite movie and why?

“I would say Twilight because I love vampire movies and romantic movies.”  

What do you like the most about basketball?

“I love competition; it is always fun when [you are] head-to-head with other people. I also met a lot of friends and built new relationships through basketball.”

What is your favorite memory?

“My favorite memory would be when I made the varsity team my freshman year and I then got to meet a lot of new people that I still talk to this day.”

Girls Water Polo


Charley Jackson (12)

What was your favorite moment of the season?

“My favorite moment this season is Senior Night because of all the nice messages my team wrote me.”

What is your favorite food?

“Thai food or sushi.”

Who is your biggest inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration is my mom because has always worked really hard to provide for us and she always tells me to believe in myself.”

What is your best joke?

“What type of shoes do frogs wear? Open-toad shoes.”


Madeline Gaitan (12)

What is something that you cannot live without?

“Definitely my friends, I need them around.”

What is your favorite part about being captain?

“I do not have a favorite part, but it is pretty cool to be looked up by the other girls.”

What is one funny moment from this season?

“There is no specific funny moment I could think of, but every practice something funny always happens and we enjoy the time [together.]”  

Cats or dogs?

“I have always had dogs growing up, I always wanted a cat.”


Benjamin Garza (12)

What is one word to describe the team?


If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

“I wish I had started wrestling earlier.”

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would meet?

“Charles Stine because he probably the hardest worker out there, he is always trying to get better even though sometimes he does lose.”

How has being in wrestling changed you?

“It has made me more aware to different things and it helps with life too, I have learned life values.”

Boys Soccer

Ernie Maldonado (12)

What were your goals heading into your position as captain?

“My goal was to make it to and win CIF (California Interscholastic Federation).”

Have you achieved those goals? Why do you think you did or did not achieve these goals?

“We achieved our goal of going to CIF, and now we will try to win it. [I believe we got to this point because] of our teammates’ hard work and dedication. [We] always come to practice and always trust our coach.”

How have you balanced your commitment as team captain with your school work?

“I balance [both commitments] by trying to do as much work as possible in school. If I have to, I will stay up late to finish my work, but usually doing all my homework at school saves me a lot of time.”

What’s your favorite way to spend your day off?

“My favorite way to spend my day off is to go get boba.”

Jonathan Pfeiffer (11)

How long have you played soccer for?

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was six years old. I started playing in AYSO (little league recreational soccer), and continued to play in a club called Strikers FC for the past five years.”

Are there any specific players you look up to?

“[I look up to] one of my favorite professional defenders named [Gerard] Pique. He plays for [FC] Barcelona, and we have the same [physical build, being] long, tall, and skinny. He is a very good player.”

If there is one place you could travel to in the world, where would it be?

“I would travel to London and the United Kingdom. [They are beautiful places with] a lot of soccer being played there.”

Girls Soccer


Frida Monsalvo (12)

What made you join the soccer team?

“I played soccer since I was six and thought I was pretty good at it, so I decided to join the high school soccer team.”

What is your favorite part about the team?

“Everything! My favorite part [specifically] is the unity we have. [I like the sense of comradery] that we have on the team.”

What is your favorite food?

“I used to like pizza, but now I am vegan so I haven’t really found a favorite food yet.”

Out of the classes you are taking, which one is your favorite?

“My favorite class is AP Psychology.”


Mia Ayala (11)

Why did you become the girls soccer captain?

“I put in hard work and dedication. I just wanted to lead these girls to victory.”

What do you believe is the most important part of team success?

“[The most important part of team success is] having good chemistry out on the field so we don’t mess up.”

What movie do you consider a classic or a must-watch?

“The Sandlot.”

Do you like rainy days? Why or why not?

“I do like rainy days because I love the sound and the smell of rain. I also like playing in the rain.”

Boys Basketball


Jeffery Von (12)

How has being the boys’ basketball captain changed you?

“Being the boys basketball captain has taught me to be a leader and set an example for my teammates. Now when I do something, I always think about how it will affect the team instead of just myself.”

What is the most rewarding part of being captain?

“Being a captain is fun because you establish a special connection with your [teammates].”

Are you looking forward to the Super Bowl?

“Yes, Super Bowl parties are always fun and this year there is an LA team in there.”

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

“I prefer dogs because they are cuter and more loyal.”


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