The Voices of Wilson Hold Their Annual Winter Concert

  The Voices of Wilson held their annual Winter Concert in the gym on Dec. 12.

  The set list included songs like “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year,” “Carol Of The Bells,” and “Hannukah Child” to celebrate the holiday season, featuring the groups Rhythm, Harmony, Sorelle and Aria. Individual singers were also highlighted in duet performances throughout the evening. In a fitting conclusion, choir alumni made special reappearances to sing “Candlelight Carol” with the Voices of Wilson.  

  According to choir director Mr. DeJohn Brown, seeing the tremendous growth that his students underwent paired with their selflessness is what made the performance such a memorable one. The Winter Concert was a way to get the student body to feel festive for the holiday season, and the Voices of Wilson accomplished just that.

  “I think it was special just seeing the growth [in] the students from the Fall Concert to [now]. Our music was tough this year, and it was really nice seeing people stepping up and singing their best. The primary purpose of [the concert] was to help people feel good during this time of the year, and that’s why we have this performance [annually],” Brown said.

  However, Vice President Trinity Tran (12) mentioned that ensuring the performance’s success was not as easy as it seemed. Leaders had to work on and off the clock collaboratively with their section members to rally enough spirit and generate enough motivation for everyone to push through amidst Finals season.

  “When planning for the concert, the hardest part was unifying the choir amidst finals, tests, and much more. But, the leaders [of] each choir worked super hard to encourage members to get involved [by] making decorations, setting up the concert, and spending time outside of class to practice. The long hours were worth the joy of seeing each audience member’s face [in the end],” commented Tran.

  Lastly, Aria singer Matthew Vargas (11) touched upon the unique aspects of choir that makes it such a worthwhile activity. 

  “Choir is a really enjoyable experience overall– as we [combine] our individual voices to sing each song, it’s beautiful to see the final product and the way our vocal techniques grow along the way,” Vargas explained.

 The Voices of Wilson will return in the Spring with their Love Songs concert in February.

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