The unrealistic expectations of a new year




  New year’s resolutions: goals that are notorious for being difficult to accomplish.

  The concept of making resolutions was said to be created by the Babylonians over 4,000 years ago. The idea behind the resolution is to promise oneself to accomplish certain goals set by the person within the year. As suggested by the name, a New Year’s resolution is mostly accomplished (or forgotten) within the first few months of the year. For countless people, the New Year promises of new opportunities and a fresh start of resolutions and reflections from the previous year.

  Ultimately with every new year, the goals that are set often become more and more unrealistic for many reasons. In most cases, unfilled resolutions are caused by a lack of in-depth planning and time. Additionally, factors such as education, work or life have also proven to consume the time and efforts of individuals and leave them with no time to pursue their initial aspirations.

  Further, as the year goes by, people often change their personalities and interests, making the goals set at the start of the year become inapplicable if individuals have developed different priorities.

  In a perfect world, if people were always able to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions, everyone would be the perfect version of themselves. It would be the equivalent of having a flawless society; unfortunately, that is untrue as there is always a certain reason behind the downfall of the resolutions. Whether it be the reality conflicts or the sudden loss of interest, anything could easily become a roadblock to completing one’s resolution.

    Although resolutions can be hard to achieve, it is still productive to create a set of goals at the start of the year to help focus oneself and improve on their imperfections and weaknesses.

  As important as a resolution may be, it is also essential to realize when it is time to let go. Just as the name implies, a New Year’s resolution is merely a desire that people seek with truly nothing binding us to the cause.

  While it is often seen as daunting or impossible to depart from our goals, it is best to remember that change is inevitable and should be taken on a positive note. After all, the best part about New Year’s resolutions is that you can always get back up and try again next year!

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