The truth behind the California recall of Gavin Newsom

As Gavin Newsom’s recall election steadily approaches, Californians are weary about the future of the state.

Gavin Newsom, a Democratic politician, was elected as governor on November 16, 2018. With California being a majority democratic state, it seemed as if all was right politically in the golden state. Newsom, experienced in the world of politics due to his two stints as San Francisco’s mayor, appeared ready to lead on the most important states in the United States. However, a global pandemic sent the governor’s stay in office down a deep spiral.

Although constitutional, Gavin Newsom’s recall is not justifiable. Politicians should not buy into the popular “cancel culture” in order to ‘dispose’ of an adversary.

Alongside the rest of the world, California had to go into lockdown when the Covid 19 virus first went viral in America. Newsom prioritized health and safety procedures by closing down many businesses and heavily enforcing the mask mandate.

Yet, anti-science instigators have decided to nitpick and bash every decision the Governor has made through the lockdown, and they struck gold when the media released photos of Newsom and his family dining without masks on. From calling him a hypocrite to fraud, the media brought its mightiest fist down on him and sparked this recall.

Seizing national attention, the magnascope is on every move that Newson and his opponents make.

On top of that, precious tax dollars are being utilized to fund their petty refutation. ABC 10 reports that California will have to dig into 276 million dollars of funding in order to go through with this recall. Instead of patiently waiting for Newsom to be elected out of office next year, the opposition has been on a speedrun to evict Newson out as soon as possible. Newsom was faced with one of the biggest challenges in leading Californians through the pandemic and did everything in his power to keep us safe. He pushed through the tough times and was recently able to reopen most Californian businesses, providing the economy a much-needed boost. When the only dirt the media has on you is that you once ate dinner in public without a mask, it seems highly unlikely that Newsom is going anywhere anytime soon.

As is with human nature, the media has only focused on Newsom’s shortcomings, overshadowing all of the great things he has done for California. According to statistics,

California ranks as number one in the Covid 19 death numbers, tallying over 65,000 lives lost. Newson’s lockdown also gave the economy a hard uppercut, as thousands of small businesses were forced to close. As the situation worsened, owners had no choice but to close their shops down for good. These, however, are the hard choices that a leader has to make when dealing with an unprecedented crisis. If everyone had remained open, who knows how many more fatalities California would have tallied up.

With the recall election looming on Sept. 14, there is still a heavy uncertainty about the future of the governor and California. Even if Newsom is able to hold on to his job, the 2022 elections will once again see the media trying to tear him off the governor’s chair.

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