The Suicide Squad sequel featuring Peacemaker soars high in viewing charts

From The Suicide Squad to starring in his own show, Peacemaker is soaring high like his best friend, Eagly.

The show premiered on Jan. 13 with three episodes. Peacemaker explores the aftermath of the events from The Suicide Squad, taking on the adventures of Chris Smith, aka Peacemaker, portrayed by John Cena. He’s not alone, however. Other heroes such as Vigilante and Judo Master, along with former employees of Amanda Waller, are there to accompany him. With his own crew to hang around, their goal is simple—eliminate the new mysterious life form known as “Butterflies.”

Ultimately, Peacemaker showcases what the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is like if it was left in the hands of people who knew how to make characters more intriguing to their audience, just as Gunn has done with Peacemaker.

For starters, let’s talk about that opening credits scene. The premiere starts off strong, catching the audience’s eyes with an absolute banger—a choreographed dance routine. Peacemaker characters that wouldn’t be caught dead performing those moves stand there, stone-faced, offering a live performance. Both funny and entertaining to watch, dancing to the catchy tune of “Do You Wanna Taste It” by Wig Wam, the viewers couldn’t ask for a better introduction to get hyped for each new episode. 

From the get-go, we witness the brilliant directing of James Gunn. 

Created and directed by Gunn, the genius behind works such as The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy, Peacemaker is to be expected entertaining like any another due to his outstanding quality of work. The way Gunn is able to offer fans something new that they have never really seen before is amazing, and it shows through Peacemaker. With the current episodes, Peacemaker has changed drastically from who he was in The Suicide Squad. The first time the audience sees this occur is when Peacemaker is reflecting on his actions in The Suicide Squad. We see him become a more sympathetic character with changing ideals and goals to become a better individual after spending time with his team members. Whoever you talk to, they will for sure not be able to compare this show to anything they have seen before. It brings both comedy and action from the ingenious mind of James Gunn. 

However, Gunn is not alone in enhancing the quality of the show. John Cena really brings the character Peacemaker to life. Wearing the Peacemaker costume wherever he goes, Cena has admitted before in various interviews like Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show of how much he adores the role. Although some possess doubts about his acting skills, given his wrestling background, he is a perfect fit for the suit. James Gunn and John Cena together made a character that you would never expect to make you laugh, actually laugh because, in the comics, Peacemaker is supposed to be a serious character. The humor that Cena brings to the character is absolutely breathtaking and ultimately what fans love most about the character. 

Furthermore, while Peacemaker is the main character of the show, the side characters are not outshined. With his portrayal of Vigilante, Freddie Stroma delivers. He is the sun that shines bright on all the characters with his comforting presence and comedic chops. In addition, his relationship with Peacemaker enhances the quality of the show, the friendship of two weirdos carrying the DC characters on their back. 

From the amazing writing of Gunn to the marvelous acting of Cena and Stroma, you will not want to miss out on this show. If you have not gotten the chance to watch Peacemaker, there is still time since new episodes are still coming out every Thursday. 

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