The Suicide Squad revamp exceeds DCEU expectations

The javelin is not the only thing Harley is carrying. James Gunn and his adaptation of The Suicide Squad is carrying the entire DCEU.

On Aug. 5, Warner Bros. Pictures released the tenth official film in the DC Extended Universe and a somewhat sequel to Suicide Squad (2016). Its new release, The Suicide Squad, is already a big step up from its predecessor.

In contrast to its title, many would expect a mindless and bloody action film generally void of a plot to pump the audience’s adrenaline; however, The Suicide Squad accomplishes the exact opposite.

Written and directed by James Gunn, The Suicide Squad is a film about a group of expendable supervillains, comprising of Harley Quinn, King Shark, Ratcatcher 2, Peacemaker, Polka-Dot man and Bloodsport. The squad is sent on top-secret missions in the place of the government. Their objective? To infiltrate and destroy a secret project by an anti-American regime in Corto Maltese. The film features Margot Robbie, Pete Davidson, Sylvester Stallone, Idris Elba and the infamous “You Can’t See Me” John Cena.

As a revamp of a disappointing predecessor, it is undeniable that Gunn did an amazing job adapting characters from the original Suicide Squad comics, turning one-dimensional villains into likable anti-heroes in a story filled with friendship and comedic gore.

For instance, a constant recurring character in DC movies, Harley Quinn, has never been more exemplary than ever, with the development on her back since the last script that screams “Puddin,” Birds of Prey. She has showcased Harley’s psychotic but lovable personality with further depth developed in a group setting, even down to her fighting style.

However, the highlight of the movie is undeniably Ratcatcher 2, played by Daniella Melchior. With the ability to control rats, her character made a huge impact in the film. With her and her little rat friend Sebastian, they introduced some of the most touching moments, especially when she told King Shark that she would be his first friend. She was one of the most heartfelt characters while also being tied up with the craziness of The Suicide Squad.

Of all else, it was a surprise to see John Cena in this movie and how good of an actor he is, from his hilarious banter with the stoic mercenary leader to his ironic title as a defender of peace while killing anyone who gets in his way. While mainly clowned upon, Peacemaker’s skewed moral compass makes him a naturally flawed and compelling character that looks for further growth in a future sequel.

The film exceeded expectations. Gunn was able to direct a stunning movie to the audience and brought the intensity in a Rated-R fashion that overshadows typical blockbusters. Gunn’s unexpected deaths slapped audience members in the face with no immunity even to the main characters.

Undoubtedly, the Rated-R comedy truly surpassed the original. With the combination of great characters and incredible scenes, Gunn developed a cinematographic masterpiece, possibly surpassing even the great Zack Snyder. With tons of plot twists, an unforeseen ending and a teaser for a spin-off show, Gunn showed that given a chance to make a comedy superhero film like he always wanted to do, it would truly shine, and he accomplished just that.

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