Student Submission: The Struggle of Social Media


  The shift in human connections has become monumental in the past decade. With the integration of technology, cell phones, and social media in our everyday lives, we have completely changed the way we interact. Now, we hardly even talk to people to their faces. We text, or we Snapchat, or we DM, and on occasion, we may call somebody. But how drastically has this change in the way we communicate, affected our actual relationships with people? Does the simplicity of technology hinder or help our communication?

  In our day to day, we have become reliant on technology. Everywhere we go, we use our phones. We can get rides, talk to our friends, order food, the list goes on forever. It has made life so much easier. With this ease, however, come complications. The toxicity of social media and cell phones has become a major argument in society today. This connection online has created a disconnect in our real lives, and many are unable to distinguish the differences between what’s real and what’s fake. Because of this, many of us have become obsessed with how we are portrayed on Instagram, and how many followers we have, or how many likes we get. So much so, that we often don’t know what it’s like to have genuine conversations in real life.

  With that being said, the ease of social media can be so beneficial to us. With our phones, we are able to reach thousands of people across the world in seconds. It can expose us to new perspectives and cultures that we would otherwise never see. It allows us to formulate our own opinions, and grow up outside of the bubble of our own homes. Technology has made our world more accepting and has provided an online community for millions who do not have a community close by. It has given people the ability to speak their minds whenever they want. Teenagers have gained a new voice, and no longer have to look to the adults. With our social media, anyone has the power and the tools to be influential.

  So, does social media help us or hurt us? To be perfectly honest, both. It can be toxic, and negative, and create a false narrative in the minds of young people. However, it can also be a positive and accepting space that allows young people to express themselves. Consequently, like all things in life, social media should be used in moderation.

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