The start of a new Marvel generation: the Eternals

Introducing Marvel’s newest superheroes: the Eternals!

The next installment of the Marvel cinematic universe, Eternals, recently hit the box office on Nov. 5. The film follows the lives of the Eternals, a superhero group sent by Arishem, a robotic cosmic god. This group was sent to help develop this world, preparing it for the birth of the cosmic god. This film helps introduce viewers to the new generation of Marvel superheroes, following the aftermath of the epic battle with Thanos. As the plot progresses, we learn that Earth has become a breeding ground for a new cosmic god, forcing the Eternals to go against orders and try to stop the destruction of our planet. 

Although Eternals has its ups and downs, it greatly contributes to the overall Marvel storyline and can stand on its own. 

In a shocking twist, we learn that one of the Eternals, Ikaris, is trying to prevent his group from stopping a new god from being born. He is driven by jealousy and fear of his master, Arishem. Learning that the new leader of the group would be his on and off lover,  Sersi, Ikarus looks to end life on this planet. Due to their cosmic power, after Earth would have exploded, the Eternals would not have been harmed, going to another planet for a new mission. Ikarus becomes ruthless, going as far as to kill Ajak, the former group leader and threaten to do the same to anyone who opposes him. As the Eternals succeed in stopping the birth of the god, he realizes his wrongs and flies straight to the sun, ending his life. Ikarus plays the perfect antagonist for the villain of this film. No one is more dangerous than your family, and Ikarus mercilessly showed that. He is torn between his morals and his love for his group, but when he finally realizes what is more important, it is far too late.

Unexpectedly, the most anticipated part of Eternals was the closing scene following the credits, setting up for the next Marvel movie. What was surprising was the cameo appearance made by critically acclaimed artist Harry Styles. Playing superhero Eros, he offers the Eternals help on their future mission, setting up for the next installment of Eternals.  This appearance only helped the film’s viewership, as a new audience came to see a Marvel movie for Harry Styles. Fans are hopeful that Styles will remain in the Marvel universe as his characters seem to play a big part in the development of future storylines. 

Proudly, this Eternals showcased the LGBTQ+ community through one of the members of the group. Phastos, an Eternal with the ability to create any form of machinery, also had a husband and a son. He is the first openly gay Marvel superhero on the big screens, a huge step for the film industry. His character had a big role in this film, helping humans develop all sorts of technology in order to evolve. When the Eternals set out to stop the birth of the god, Phastos created a special technology in order to morph all the powers of the group to save Earth. With his charismatic energy and unique superpower, let’s hope Phastos continues to proudly represent this loving community. 
Overall, Eternals gave fans a new era of superheroes while also maintaining the core principles of a Marvel movie.

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