Glen A. Wilson drama performs on Improv Night

Glen A. Wilson’s drama class hosted Improv Night on Oct. 21.

The show featured three teams: the Cowboys, the Aliens and the Pirates, with many funny displays of humor, interactive audiences and much more.

Was this event worth all the excitement and “drama” that was being hyped up? It definitely is, according to senior  Jennie Pew.

“Yes, it was worth it. The team put in a lot of time and effort into their practices and the show. We were all pleased with how much success the event was, and the audience was interactive and fun,” said Pew.

Even when an unexpected blackout happened in the show, it quickly turned into another fun interactive event in the improv night.

“In the middle of the show, a blackout happened, and the audience took out their phones and turned on all of their flashlights to light the stage to continue the show. It was very cool,” said Pew.

The key point that led to this amazing show is the huge amount of time and effort the drama students put in to prepare for the show. Senior Randy Hernandez representing the drama class student body also stated the following. 

“We spent several weeks practicing the individual improv games within our designated teams,” said Hernandez. “This helped in building our possible ideas when we were called up to play a specific game, as well as building trust into how our teammates in our team reacted with one another.”

When asked if the event and any future events planned ahead are worth attending, it is a definite yes, according to junior Alexa Der Bedrossian.

“I highly suggest that students and staff should come and support our shows. They won’t regret it!” said Bedrossian.

The drama class will have two more shows next semester, Murder Mystery Dinner and a full-length play. 

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