The Rivalry between Wilson and Los Altos: Is it for Better or Worse?

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  Wilson vs. Los Altos: a classic rivalry from years in the making.

  As the spirit week came to a close, the two schools reflected on a period in which school pride was exemplified and many, many figurative shots were thrown back and forth.

  Particularly, this game was extremely significant as the two schools battled out one last preseason football game.

 Sure, matches like these are an amazing opportunity for Wilson and Los Altos students to exhibit their school spirit and gain a well rounded high school experience. But at what cost?

  While the football game itself is widely anticipated, the disrespectful behavior online and during rivalry games raises the concern: is it really detrimental that the rivalry come to a close?

  With the schools’ heated feud only getting hotter, insults only became stronger and lines came closer to being crossed. It is unacceptable for schools to be throwing such shots at one another regarding others race, background or sexual orientation.

  Simultaneously, from football to track to baseball, the games between Wilson and Los Altos will always be a special memory for the athletes, audience and parents.  High school rivalries are widely regarded as precious memories that are seldom matched in terms of nostalgia.

  Albeit, a little trash talk is expected, but there are always lines that neither student bodies may cross. Students must be able to use their moral compasses to gauge what is acceptable and what is not.

  As our last rivalry game comes to a close, both schools should remember all of the fond memories provided by their scholar-athletes, and of course relish the trash talk that makes it all the more worth it. 


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