The return of Club Rush introduces student body to GAWHS clubs

Glen A Wilson High School recently held its annual Club Rush, with more than 40 clubs participating this week.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the Inter-Club Committee (ICC) instructed every club to have only two representatives run their booth where students hand out candy and flyers to promote their club during lunch. Each day of the week was open to a grade level to check out the clubs in order from seniors (Monday), juniors (Tuesday), sophomores (Thursday) and freshmen (Friday). 

ICC member Angelina Lee said the event was hosted outside, unlike previous years, due to COVID-19 precautions. 

“With the ongoing pandemic, it is unfortunate, but we do our best with what we have. I am just excited to see everyone start being more involved in school cause we have been so separated since the pandemic,” Lee said. 

Additionally, Surfrider co-president Matthew Arteaga and his club went into Club Rush planning to “spread awareness of ocean pollution to encourage students to join for beach cleanups.”      

“The first day of Club Rush went great!  We got a lot of people to sign up and took their pictures with our cardboard cut-out shark,” Arteaga said. 

In anticipation for future events, Arteaga also adds the need for better communication between ICC and clubs.

When asked about their overall experience with Club  Rush, sophomore Sophia Calderon expressed her interest in joining Book Club.  

“Club Rush has been good. I was able to see all different kinds of clubs and what they offer,” Calderon said. 

The ICC plans to organize Club Food Day, where clubs can sell food on campus, which students can expect sometime this year. 

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