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Mystie Ng (12)

What is your opinion on the district’s decision to cancel school because of the coronavirus?

“I believe the district made the right decision closing all schools due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. While it is sad that we will not be able to see our friends or teachers, it is essential that our health safety is prioritized.”

As a senior, how do you feel the coronavirus will affect your graduation?

“I do not know how the virus will progress, but hopefully, within this next month, the virus will start to die down and allow all of us to return to our normal lives. As for graduation, I will be very sad if my senior class does not get the chance to have a graduation ceremony. Many of us have been waiting for that moment and us not being able to have that opportunity to walk and get our diplomas is disheartening. ”

What are some precautions you will take for this situation? 

“During this next month, I will be staying home and only leaving the house when necessary. I have already canceled my spring break trip and have no plans to go anywhere during this time.”

What do you plan to do over this extended break?

“During this extended break, I plan on finishing all of my homework and watching some good Netflix movies.”

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you want to go?

“If I could go anywhere right now, I would go back to the start of my senior year. Everything was great, and there was not much going on. I was very excited to start off the last year of high school. Now, there is so much uncertainty as to how we as seniors will finish off our last year and whether or not we will even get to return to school to say our last goodbyes.”

Garren Lee (12)

How do you feel about the cancellation of senior events because of the virus?

“It is really saddening that many of us will not get to attend events that we have never attended before, such as Prom or Disneyland, and that the last of our senior memories will not be as we expected it to be.”

What do you think about being quarantined under these circumstances?

“I think being quarantined and social distancing is the safest way to keep everyone safe. We should all keep our health as the number one priority. Everything can wait but our lives.”

How do you and your friends keep in contact with each other?

“We keep in contact by texting and Facetiming.”

How did the coronavirus affect the school year for the student body?

“Many events that people prepared for and were looking forward to are now canceled and many seniors will not be able to attend once-in-a-lifetime events again in the future since it is their last year.”

Do you prefer a sunny day or a rainy day?

“I prefer rainy days.”

Edmond Chu (11)

As a junior, how do you think the coronavirus affects the school year for you?

“As a junior, the coronavirus affects me a lot since students in junior year usually take the hardest classes. They will not be learning the material needed and are unaware of what will happen with their standardized tests. However, I believe the seniors have it a lot worse because they will not be able to experience the fun, once-in-a-lifetime events seniors should before they leave high school. ”

Are there any events you were looking forward to that got ruined by the virus?

“Events I was looking forward to that got ruined were Mr. Wilson and Battle of the Classes.”

Do any of your classes have plans to continue online?

“I am unsure of how we are going to continue class moving forward, but so far no.”

What activities do you plan on doing over this break?

“I do not plan to do any activities except play games, eat and sleep. I do not want to risk contracting the virus so I will not be going out.”

What is your ideal date?

“My ideal date would be watching the stars on a hill, listening to music, vibing, having a little picnic and talking about life.”

Emily Tran (11)

 How has the coronavirus changed your daily life?

“The coronavirus has changed my daily life by having school canceled [all of a sudden]. Instead of going to school five days a week, I am not stuck inside my house. I also do not have any more dance practices, which usually occur about three times a week.”  

What are the major differences in attending school physically or online?

“The major difference between attending school physically and online is the scheduling. When attending school physically, you have to stay on a six-hour schedule which dictates where you have to be and what you are doing at a certain time. Attending school online gives you a little more freedom on what you want to do at a given time.”

What does school mean to you now that the coronavirus prevents you from attending?

“School is still very important to me even though it has been canceled for three weeks, with another if including spring break. I have taken this opportunity to use this time to study for upcoming APs and work on the subjects I am struggling in.” 

  What is your opinion on people “raiding” for toilet paper?

“People should purchase what they need and not give in to this panic. Elderly who are more affected by this virus cannot compete against those who are raiding the supplies and are unable to get what they need.”

What kind of music do you like listening to?

“I like listening to all kinds of music. I do not really have a type that I especially like to listen to.”

Kelly Mou (10)

What are your concerns about the coronavirus spreading?

“I am worried about the people affected by the virus because the virus has already caused many businesses to close down. The virus is already beginning to spread very quickly and I am concerned about how long it will take until it stops.”

How has the coronavirus affected your school activities?

“I am in track, but because of the coronavirus, all of our meets have been canceled and we do not have the proper resources to practice. For now, we are trying our best to practice on our own and make the most of it. I also worry about my academics being put to a stop. ”

What are the disadvantages the coronavirus causes for the student body?

“The disadvantage would be the struggle learning on our own because most of our teachers moved our lessons and assignments online, which is unusual to students. I am taking the AP World History exam this year, but I am not sure whether I would be prepared for it without my teacher’s direct help. ”

How will you readjust to school once the extended break is over?

“I am not sure when the break will be over, with the news of the governor saying schools might not be open until summer break. However, I would still continue to study and review any past assignments to prepare myself once we are back.”

What subject would you study over the break?

“Everything! Specifically the subjects my teachers are trying to teach online.”

Oscar Navarette (10)

How do you feel about the temporary cancellation of school?

“I do understand the school’s course of action is to prevent students and staff from getting the virus, but some people have been overreacting to this situation. Overall, I do not think it was really necessary to cancel school.”

What events were you looking forward to going but got canceled because of the coronavirus?

“First off, I was really looking forward to the drama’s The Night of One Acts. The drama department spent a lot of time getting the play ready from spending money on props and set pieces to staying after school to work on it.  ”

What actions do you think people need to take to ensure the virus does not spread even further?

“People should first take the necessary precautions like washing your hands and staying clean. People should also act in a more calm manner as some behavior during this incident only causes more panic for others.”

What have you and your family done to prepare for the coronavirus?

“My family is aware that this virus is not as bad as people think it is, so we ended up just stocking up on food rather than toilet paper. It was difficult to find what we needed because a lot of people ended up taking most of the supplies which I found kind of pointless.”

Do you prefer to go to school or stay at home?

“I prefer to be at school because there is something for me to do and I am around the people I love. While being at school not might be so fun with all the studying, but being with friends always makes it better.”

Gianna Barro (9)

As a freshman, how do you feel about such events occurring in your first year?

“The coronavirus taking place in my first year is a very weird situation. I never thought the school year would end so early and we would be quarantined. However, my heart mainly goes out to the seniors. This is their last year and I feel so bad that it is ending like this.”

What are your expectations once you go back to school?

“When we go back to school, I expect there to be many lectures on the coronavirus, and hopefully not too many tests on material we had to self-study for.”

How has the virus affected your perception of keeping hygiene?

“It has not affected it much. I wash my hands and shower every day, a routine I never break. However, I am more aware of not touching my face throughout the day and of what I touch in public.”

How do you feel about the cancellation of sports and club activities because of the coronavirus?

“It [is really disappointing] for people with spring sports and seniors who looked forward to their final games. It makes me sad how much this virus has taken away from students who were looking forward to their last competitions and games.”

Waking up early or sleeping in?

“Sleeping in for sure.”

Will Ma (9)

How has the coronavirus affected your second semester?

“Since school was canceled, I started to procrastinate on many of my assignments. I am having trouble focusing on getting stuff done because the school environment allows me to feel productive. I am struggling to finish assignments along with fixing my messy sleep schedule.”

How do you think this incident will affect your next upcoming years of high school?

“I am not too sure, but I can only hope that it will not last very long. If it does not, then the coronavirus might affect everyone’s studies and activities for at least two years.”

What do you think about your classes continuing lessons online?

“I do not have any class lessons online for now, but my teachers keep me updated with online assignments. Learning by technology can really damage your eyes and cause you to take more breaks, which is why I prefer learning in class.”

What are your plans over this extended break?

“I plan to try to finish all my assignments and review more of the topics I learned in the previous semester. I do this mainly to refresh my memory and prepare for future assignments once the extended break ends.”

Texting or calling?

“I like both. However, if it is about a personal topic, I prefer to talk about it in person. ”

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