The Making of the Costume Contest Winners: Their Inner Thoughts

Mr. Mesisca (Drama Teacher)

Were you expecting such an enormous amount of cheers from the audience when you were introduced?

“We had talked about the idea of me being Gru with the drama class, and they are big-energy, good hype people. So I knew that they were going to turn up and support me once they saw what was going on.”

What do you think is the particular reason why you won the category of Best Teacher?

“Oh, there’s a lot of turnout from a lot of good staff costumes. The Flintstones were good, the crayons were good…I just thought my look and personality fit the character which I was playing, so I took the W in the end.”

If you wanted to make your costume better but could only add one thing to it, what would it be and why?

“The jacket was actually not the official jacket. It was the Los Angeles Kings hockey jacket that I got many, many years ago. And I kind of made that work, but I would have just gone with a solid black winter jacket. But it being 95 degrees outside that day, it’s kind of hard to stay out in the sun with a scarf and being in all black clothes. I also would have added Minions using my students, as we originally planned to do just that.”

When thinking about the creation of your costume, what’s one thing you enjoyed about the process?

“Somebody asked me if I was always Gru every year, if I have always done it, but that answer is no because I just shaved my head in April. So, being a–now a new bald man, I’m able to play these bald characters better.”

Auliver Austin (12)

When taking a look at the other costumes, how much did your expectations for winning Most Scary change?

“I really did not expect to win the contest at all, because I thought the other dude that everyone was chanting for was going to win. So when they called my name it actually really surprised me and I did not know what to do at that moment.”

What character did you dress up as, and why did you make this choice?

“I dressed up as Death! I was matching with my boyfriend and we were Life and Death, but we weren’t able to do the duos since he had to leave before lunch.”

Was there any sort of difficulty in having to set up your costume? If so, what made it difficult?

“I just had surgery a couple days before Halloween so I had to set my costume specifically to not mess with my stomach, so I had some difficulties making sure it was loose enough. Also, the face paint took like an hour to do!”

In your opinion, how scary do you think your costume is from a scale of one to ten?

“I think my costume was a seven point five out of ten, although I did scare Ms. Catherine earlier that day when I walked in the room, which was pretty funny.”

Chloe Peng (10), Audrey Castellon (9), and Melly Wong (10)

What was the reasoning behind your costume choice?

Chloe: “Personally, the reason behind my costume choice was simply because I just love Tsukasa Tenma, and a friend who was going to be Hatsune Miku asked me if I wanted to match with them. Since the characters were from the same game, I was like, ‘Sure, why not?’ I knew Melly was going to cosplay as Kagamine Len from that game, so we all planned to match. But, on Halloween, the Miku of our group didn’t show up to school, but I spotted Audrey dressed as [the character] An [Shiraishi] and kidnapped her into our group.”

Audrey: “I originally wanted to cosplay Haruka Kiritani, but I did not want to buy and style a wig so I decided on An Shiraishi.”

Melly: “I chose the costume because I wanted to match with my sister, but other than that, there was no other particular reason.”

How does it feel knowing that you guys have won Best Group?

Chloe: “My feelings knowing that we won as a group is ecstatically shocking, because contests like these go off popularity and bias. So, it’s nice to see that characters from the hit game Project Sekai won a group contest!”

Audrey: “I was honestly really surprised that we won, and it was nice knowing that we did; we got candy and I made friends.”

Melly: “It’s honestly very surprising because I assumed the Lorax [group] would win. I had doubts on how our group would win, but it was fun.”

Was there ever a point where you guys thought you wouldn’t win? If so, why?

Chloe: “Yes, of course. Like I said in my previous answer, contests like these usually go by popularity and bias. Plus, all the other costumes were amazing, and the happiness that radiates off the other groups was amazing too! But as a group that was formed last-minute, we were very excited for the contest.”

Audrey: “I didn’t think we were going to win from the start, actually. I assumed the winners would be someone ‘popular’ or a well-known character.”

Melly: “There was a point while waiting for the judges to make their decision that I was nervous as to whether or not we would win, and I was very sure the Lorax group would win. Though, if we won or not, it would be fine.”

In regards to only having three people, did you all wish more of them could have been a part of your group?

Chloe: “Yes! Our original plan was also to only have three people (Miku, Len, and Tsukasa), but with someone who did not show up to school that day, I said as an idea, ‘If I spot anyone cosplaying from Project Sekai, I would go up to them and ask them to join us.’ And that’s exactly what I did! When I spotted An Shiraishi, I asked them to join the group. I also saw another Project Sekai costume, but I did not go up to them since I did not want to bother them.”

Audrey: “I wish we had more people to join our group. I had a friend that liked the game and dressed up, but he did not participate in the contest. I know it might be scary, but being in the contest and dressing up is really fun!”

Melly: “I do wish we had more people, because that way, it would be more fun and a variety of characters from the same game could be seen.”

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