The Lego Movie 2 is a must watch for everyone


 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is a great start to animation movies this year.

 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is set five years later after the previous movie, The Lego Movie. The movie begins as alien Duplo invaders attack and kidnap main character Emmet Brickowski’s friends.

 Altogether, with the unique soundtrack, humorous jokes and clear plot, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part proves to be an enjoyable movie for children and adults alike.   

 One main factor that contributes to the movie’s success is the outstanding soundtrack. The movie is a musical, but it maintains a good balance between the music and the actual plot. All of the songs are extremely well composed, written and utilized  to move the plot along.

 The songs are also self-aware of the plot and excellently conveyed the movie. For example, one of the first songs is about Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi, who orders the Duplo aliens to kidnap Emmet’s friends. The music that accompanies this scene tells how “not evil’ she is. However, a character will make comments about how suspicious the queen is really being and this is what the movie is trying to convey to the viewer. Songs were also expertly used to move the story along. For example, Catchy Song is used towards the middle of the movie as a plot device to separate the characters, move the plot along and also used as a plot device and conflict later in the movie.

 The comedy in the movie is also a great factor for the enjoyment because most of the jokes are smart and hilarious. There are jokes for kids, because this movie is targeted for children. Although, this movie has some of the smartest jokes that both children and adults can understand. In most movies, there are jokes that are reused, but this movie will turn cliche jokes around and make them funnier and more unexpected. Moreover, the bad jokes are counteracted with better jokes, which improves the quality of humor in the movie. There are also jokes that are humorously aware; for instance, during the beginning of the movie, the characters are saying that the DC super heroes are gone and because that Marvel is not returning their calls there is no one to help them.. The self-awareness jokes also poke fun at the storyline, which makes it more funny when people know the full the plot.

 Furthermore, the plot starts out simple. As the story goes on the story gets a little more complicated, yet not too complex to not understand. The plot also stays true to the first movie, where it is established that the storyline is from a child’s imagination, so the conflicts that happen to the legos are a reflection to what is happening to the children. This story is really about the turmoil of two siblings arguing than the main lego characters, than the main characters, and this a unique take on the typical brother and sister fight.

  However, some movie goers may not choose to see this movie because a LEGO movie seems like a big self-promoting advertisement. Nevertheless, as its first movie and spin offs have shown that LEGO movies can be great; The Lego Movie 2 is no exception.

 Ultimately, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is a movie that people should not miss. The good comedy, amazing animation, great storytelling and outstanding music proves that close-minded people should give it a chance. And hey, everything may not be awesome, but this movie sure is.


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