The Largest Fashion Monopoly About to be Forever Gone



  2019: the year of VSCO girls, very questionable trends, and, when FOREVER 21 ends its business, forever

  Essentially, FOREVER 21 is an American fast fashion retailer with shops across the globe.  Known for its trendy goods at low prices, FOREVER 21 is the epitome of unsustainable and inadequate goods. However, the company’s great deals are uncomparable, which is the main reason that customers shop at this store. 

  Consequently, FOREVER 21’s reputation has not always been the best; the company has had its fair share of controversies and immoral labor practices. Despite this, FOREVER 21’s most recent debacle is about to end the whole corporation—all due to widely acclaimed celebrity, Arianna Grande. 

   Recently, it was reported that Grande is suing FOREVER 21 for ten million dollars, due to the fact that  the company stole the singer’s “fashion sense” by posting a Grande lookalike on social media; this implied the singer had an influence to FOREVER 21’s new releases.  

  Then, drag queen Farrah Moan announced that the very looks FOREVER 21 stole from Grande were the exact ones that Grande had taken from her, without any consent. 

  Clearly, this is a very messy situation, with FOREVER 21 receiving the very short end of the stick. As the public, the only logical reaction is to take a step back and realize what our society has built: one where successful celebrities are suing large corporations due to lack of credit, when the credit did not even belong to them in the first place.

   As reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian once said to her sister, “There’s people that are dying, Kim!”

  There are. Take a look at the news, for instance. Global warming is hitting people all around the world, and some still do not believe in this environmental concern. Individuals are struggling with obesity in first world countries, yet in third world nations, children cannot even find enough food to eat. 

  At the end of the day, we are all people. Instead of focusing on insignificant factors such as monetary gain, let us make the world a better place by paying attention to what really matters.  

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