The Israeli-Palestine War Should Not Be a Time For Us To Pick and Choose Sides

  On Oct. 7, Israel was brutally attacked by Islamist organization Hamas during the ending celebration of the  Jewish holiday Simchat Torah. Israelis heard sirens echo across the country and were soon bombarded with the realization they were being attacked from the air, sea, and ground from Gaza.

  The age-old dispute between Palestine and Israel has repeated itself once again— however, this time, this conflict is not about religion but illegally stolen territory. Hamas’s purpose is to represent the resistance of the Palestinians to Israeli force in Gaza, but to what extent? The lives of thousands on both sides are being lost because of a war that  could have been avoided so easily. This is simply imperialism and extremism at their finest, and everyone should recognize it instead of being completely biased and picking sides in an effort to pin the blame on a certain religion and country.

  The Israel-Palestine conflict had begun in the early 1900s when Jewish settlers settled in Palestine after World War I. In 1947, as Jewish and Arab tensions grew, the United Nations (UN) had devised a plan to divide British Palestine into two separate states. This gave the Jews Israel and the Arabs Palestine. The UN’s purpose was to give the Jews a state and Arabs independence which would end the sectarian violence that the British could no longer control

  However the Arabs saw it as an act of stealing their land although the Jews readily accepted the plan. From 1948 to 1949, the newly independent Arab states had declared war on Israel in attempts to establish a unified Arab-Palestine. However, Israel had won the war and chose to ignore the UN plan, resulting in taking control of more Palestinian territory and expelling Arabs from their home. This shifted the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a whole other level and after many other small wars such as the six day war  amongst the two, Israel had seized many Arab states. This left them responsible for governing Palestinians which is one of the main reasons Arabs choose to retaliate. 

  Gaza, which became ruled by Hamas after Israel withdrew its power, has become secluded from the rest of its Arab neighbors. This was entirely Israel’s way of managing the conflict instead of addressing the underlying issues. Jews continued to move into Palestinian territory which caused Palestinian frustration to grow resulting in what is now, a new war. 

   As of today, the infrastructure of Israel had received massive casualties due to the launching of missiles by Hamas. The militants quickly breached fences catching the Israeli military off guard and gunning down innocent civilians. Those who had entered Israel on motorcycles were followed by bulldozers with the intention of shattering the fences that had separated Gaza from Israel. On sea, Hamas motor boats invaded beaches and worsened the fight with Israel forces. 

  As they invaded the inner country, homes of the people were broken into and many were ruthlessly killed without remorse as they begged for their lives. The violent hamas had even gone as far as videotaping executions and threatened to continue if their demands were not met. What kind of society do we live in where these war crimes should be accepted? There are several other options that could have been used but violence is always the answer to these incoherent militants. On the first day, over 1200 civilians were killed due to these inhumane acts. What makes the situation worse is that these people were not even in the crossfire of war but targeted innocent victims. 

  Within hours of the vicious attack, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas. In retaliation to them, Israel has sent airstrikes to Gaza killing at least 1417 people, including children. After the first day, many countries vocalized their support for Israel  while some vocalized their support for Palestine. The United States has made multiple comments on the war and actions of Hamas, siding with Israel as the White House gave its condolences to the people of Israel. Since the first day of war, both places had become a terrifying war zone filled with unfathomable casualties, and sights that no one should have to see. On Oct. 10, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated, “Hamas wanted to see a change in Gaza — the reality is Gaza will make a 180. They will regret [their actions],” after removing all restrictions on Israeli forces and declaring Israel shall move to a full scale response.

  Since then, Israel has attacked neighborhoods in Gaza leaving hospitals with no resources to help the ill. Those who have nothing to do with Hamas are being forced to live in survival mode as their supplies run out and Israel continues with their “complete siege” until Hamas releases Israeli hostages. The death toll rises in Gaza as Israel retaliates which has barely caught the attention of the UN. As of Oct 12, they determined that Gaza gets 24 hours to evacuate as the noncombatants do not deserve to live in fear that their life could end at any second. Though there is no way to leave the strip as Rafha, the only crossing with Egypt and the only way out, has been repeatedly hit with Israeli retaliation.

  We have lived in a world filled with war and violence from the start of its creation—yet, these leaders still have not come to terms with the amount of innocent civilians we lose for barely a sliver of change. Honestly, when do they find a sufficient amount where they call the war off or decide that a peaceful treaty is the best option? These calls to actions should be foreseen before they declare war. These primal instincts these men possess just create more unnecessary problems and more deaths. The Israel- Palestine conflict was said to come back worse when another war would arise but it was never expected to go to these lengths. In a perfect war this would not happen, so as a result of our reality, all we can do is support those whose lives are being threatened and come to terms with the fact that both sides are not innocent. 


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