The GOP Debate and the Support Behind Trump: What Could Be Our Future?

  Former President Trump has been taking the lead in this year’s Grand Old Party (GOP) debate, but what could this mean for the people of the United States if he were to become president once more?

  Much has occurred since the start of the Republican Party Debate, a presidential debate meant for Republican candidates who wish to challenge the current president of the United States, Joe Biden. This year, two debates were held: one in Iowa and one in New Hampshire, with candidates Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and of course, Donald Trump himself. Recent news shows that Trump has taken the lead for the nomination while DeSantis has dropped out, leaving Haley and Trump as the only candidates. Unfortunately, things have only snowballed, as we now know that Trump has–in fact–beaten Haley. 

  If Trump were to win the presidential election itself, things will take a turn for the worse when considering Trump’s past indictments. It is impossible for a criminally charged former president to successfully run the country when his indictments have not even been fixed.

  Trump’s history in office has been tainted by the charges made against him for four crimes: interfering with the ballots for his presidential election in 2020, attempting to overturn his electoral defeat against Biden, giving money to adult stars in order to keep them silent about his affairs with them, and stealing classified national documents from the White House upon his leave.

  For his third indictment, he meddled in the election by having Brad Raffensperger (the Georgia Secretary of State) find the exact votes needed to ensure he could win another term. This was done by assembling false voters—at least 12,000—and forcing the vice president to replace the true results. 

  His fourth criminal indictment resulted from his request for a delay in announcing of Biden’s victory, pushing back the “certification of the election” as a result. This is evidenced by the 2021 letter Trump sent to Raffensperger to disregard Georgia’s vote in the election, since it was one of the main voting states out of 16. There are also allegations that he had spread lies about fraud in the election and that he “actually won” instead, courtesy of CBS News.

  In terms of accepting his loss and the transfer of power from him to Biden, Trump decided to pull another extremely consequential move, as it led to 40 felony charges against him. If this shows anything, it is that he is nothing but bitter about losing.

  Upon his leave from the White House, he managed to take a series of classified national documents with him to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, hiding them by having his assistants move boxes of documents all over the area. He not only resisted the government’s attempts to retrieve the sensitive material, but also asked for the removal of the surveillance footage when the FBI found 102 documents stashed haphazardly around the house. Even worse, despite such important items being classified, he displayed at least two documents to visitors, saying that it was “still a secret” and that he would have revealed it if he were to still be president. This was known to be the Classified Documents Case and is another primary instance that shows how much Trump utterly rejects the law.

  Touching on his first criminal indictment—the hush money scheme—it is hard to say whether Trump went back to the GOP debate to go against Biden once more, rebuild his reputation while forgetting about his crimes, or simply gain support from the voters.

  The arrangement occurred by way of creating a scheme to silence all negative incidents regarding Trump, as shown in the statement of facts from CNN News. Accounts from two female adult movie stars express that Trump had an alleged affair with them in 2016 while being with Melania, and his attorney was directed by Trump to pay at least 130,000 to 150,000 dollars to keep them silent. The payment was prolonged for as long as it possibly could, but it was due to pressure of his viability as a candidate that he gave in and asked his lawyers to pay the women. 

  This action was most likely a way to sabotage the decency of the election against Hillary Clinton while keeping his reputation at bay, but it also gave him 34 felony counts for the charge of falsifying business records to the first degree.

  The criminal records are here, but what do the people say about his return to the debate alongside his behavior?

  Most journalists do not wish for Trump to return as president, but the idea of it happening is not impossible. According to a Reuters poll, 40% of 1,250 U.S. citizens went for Trump, 34% voted for Biden, while the rest were unsure or did not want to vote at all. In five of six key voting states, recent polls have expressed Biden being beaten by Trump. The majority of the Republican Party still believes that Trump, as the forerunner of the party, has done nothing illegal but is still unethical, and people will vote for him either way. Many people have also compared both presidents’ changes during their time in office, saying that some issues were resolved because of Trump.

  Despite this, we must take into account how Trump’s criminal indictments may affect his leadership if he were to become president. The trials for each of his charges have been set to times before the official presidential election, so he may have to run from a prison cell–or not at all. Along with this, two of his indictments have led him to be impeached from the White House twice.

  Nobody is happy about the fact that Trump and Biden are going against each other once more for their second term. The United States must understand that both candidates are rather disappointing for the position of president, as we need real leadership and a competent person who is determined to earn the role of the country’s president. From what we have seen in the work of the current and former presidents, the fate of the United States has begun to hinge on the conviction of Trump and the worry about his return to presidency. There is much uncertainty surrounding the way things can go, but one thing is ensured: no matter who wins the role of president in the end, nothing about the country will change for the next four years.


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