The flip-side of dishonorable skills

What could be seen as villainous and heretical today may be seen as something valuable and important tomorrow.

There are many skills and actions that society has always frowned upon. Most of these are considered illegal under most laws and are usually singled out by many as being terrible since they can be disruptive in human society.

Though, many of these skills are actually quite sought out for many, since these can be rare. This leads to a major double standard for certain skills. What might be commonly known for the use of evil, may end being the things used to oppose it.

Something regarded as illegal and morally wrong across the world is murder. Whether it be intentional or accidental, merely having a role within someone else’s death can be grounds for punishment. Nonetheless, many people today are trained for the sole purpose of killing others. For example, in the army, under the cause of maintaining peace, young individuals volunteer themselves every day for the betterment of their country. Be that as it may, in reality, they are just being taught how to use weapons and kill so they are ready in case of war. Though their cause can be just and good, they are still trained for violence and warfare. Their existence is the sole proof that things we perceive as awful are still used and sought out.

Additionally, theft, although not as lethal as murder, is a crime that is an act that is illegal and is looked down upon in society. Yet, people with great skill at theft are still hired by large organizations and governments. The art of stealing itself encompasses a wide variety of certain social and practical skills. Ranging from mental manipulation to understanding everything about security, these set of unusual skills are what makes people who have them so valuable. Although they might be thought of as nothing more than potential criminals, those who are in power will know how to effectively use those with such skills to their advantage.

Moving on, alongside physical crimes, some of the most serious atrocities in humankind are ones being done online. Due to the reliance that humans have on technology, even a small violation within the subject can cause major ramifications if left unattended. Thus, it is due to these reasons that cyber security became one of if not the most important aspect of human life to keep functioning. Insecurity, it is important to know the enemy in order to defend against them. Due to this fact, many large organizations, including the government, hire proficient hackers to test their defenses. Even if the specific skill is mainly used for crimes, it can actually be helpful in defending itself.

Many may argue that only bad people would have the professional skills to go against the law. Those people who have such skills would always use them to benefit only themselves and not others. Despite this, any skill can be considered evil depending on how they are used. Many people have great skills in deception, but society still views it positively even though it could be used for terrible things, like murder or tax evasion. A perception of skill is generally based on how it is used and what it is used for, even if it is morally wrong.

Essentially, it does not matter whether or not a certain abilities’ alignment may be, but instead about how these actions can be used to have the betterment of society.

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