Student Submission: The Decline of Human Connection


  Seven billion people. Everyday seven billion people walk this world. In a world filled with so many people, we form close relationships with only a select few.

  For centuries, human relationships have functioned in a set system. The advancements of technology has increased the pace of our lives and people have become overwhelmingly involved in their own lives. In our modern society, contacting family and relatives have become a formal affair. People call their grandparents on Christmas out of politeness and respect, instead of love and interest. The era where you could just go and knock on your friend’s door is over. People no longer like having people over without any previous announcement. Our relationships have become increasingly superficial.

  We now spend our days surfing through the Internet and social media, liking and commenting on stranger’s posts. The Internet has changed the way this generation interacts. Relationships now consist of people communicating on social media with people that they have never met before. Is this what a real relationship is?

  I, myself, am guilty of this. I often find myself surfing through the web and commenting on posts of people I barely know. I hadn’t seen that my relationships with people have deteriorated. In fact, I didn’t even realize that this had even impacted my relationships with people around me until a couple of weeks ago. I was scrolling through my phone when my mom had asked me,  “Do you even know those people?”

I didn’t know these people.

  This was when I realized that the connection between people had changed. It had changed the way people interacted and the deeper meaning of a relationship.

  We, as individuals, need to see the world in a new perspective; rather than just simply complimenting others through social media and updating our profile, it is time to realize that real human connection is what stimulates our compassion, trust, and kindness. As a result, we, especially as the next generation, must take a step back from our technological filled world to truly discover the meaning behind genuine relationships.

  This change in relationship is not beneficial to society or the individual himself. These superficial relationships do not go any deeper than mutual recognition and respect. Relationships are built through personal communication and need to be nurtured. Through constant contact, trust is built. People begin to develop an affinity for each other. These relationships have a real impact on people’s lives. Human relations are important for the overall well being of an individual and this fact cannot be ignored. The rising number of anxiety, depression and other mental problems is the result of lack of close human relationships.  Talking to a close friend or relative helps in relieving mental as well as physical stress. People can get joy or sorrow from each other. This increases the happiness of an individual and decreases situations of stress and anxiety. People grow to rely on each other and understand each other.

  Society needs to recognize the detrimental effect that technological advances have on human interactions. Individuals need to find a good balance between social media and reality. Human connections are a necessary part of life and it is important for people to recognize the deeper meaning of relationships.


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