The Death of Our King T’Challa — Chadwick Boseman

Our King has died.

At only age forty-three, Chadwick Boseman, otherwise known as “Black Panther,” has passed away after struggling with
cancer behind the scenes on Aug. 28.

Diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016, the star battled through it, all while still shooting Marvel films like “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.” Boseman’s role in “Black Panther” changed the game, as he played the leading role in one of the few movies out there with a majority-black cast. According to CNN, his portrayal of Black Panther made the viewers see him as the symbol of Black Power, a term that empowers black people to fight against racial oppression and stereotypes.

Coincidentally, the death of Chadwick Boseman comes right on time as police brutality ravishes the streets and lives of Black America. His passing is one of the many things adding on to the current civil unrest that is devastating to this country.

Despite these horrible and unprecedented circumstances, Boseman should still be remembered as a champion that inspired the lives of many.

As a remarkable actor and individual, his legacy will forever remain upheld by the people—his devoted fans and supporters. He showed everyone what a true “King” was like—a regal ruler that brought upon his people direction and guidance in a time of lost hope and discouragement.

For example, a true king like Boseman taught his audience the proper way to lead without being tyrannical, fight without being merciless, and act without being spiteful. He definitely was known as one of the finest actors out there because of his inherently good qualities that shone through his acting and beyond the screen.

Initially, Chadwick Boseman graduated in 2000 from Howard University and attended the British American Drama Academy at Oxford. Before he developed a career in acting, he started as a director and writer. His work in the entertainment industry all started when he wrote his most well-known play titled “Deep Azure,” which won him the 2006 Jeff Award nomination for Best New Play. The plot of it was situated around a story of Azure, an African American woman, whose fiance was killed by a black police officer. The play highlights Azure’s struggles between her body image stemmed from the misogynistic stigma of Hip Hop, while also reflecting the issues of racial profiling and police brutality. Boseman’s playwriting reflected a lot of the conflicts within the Black community, which still is relevant to this day with current events throughout the nation. Ultimately, his goal was to bring awareness to these issues, and he delivered.

However, as he fell more in love with acting, his roles as the baseball legend Jackie Robinson in “42,” and singer James Brown in “Get on Up” earned him tremendous amounts of praise and recognition. Boseman’s ability to engage with the audience through his acting made them realize how passionate he was, and thus he became an icon.

Despite his success, however, Boseman did not want to be recognized as the go-to actor to play black historical characters. Instead, he looked to improve himself and expand his acting knowledge. These life-changing roles earned him the exposure that allowed him to be successful. Undoubtedly, Chadwick’s will to learn and grow makes him an exceptionally well-rounded actor.

Essentially, after his big breaks in “42” and “Get on Up,” the spotlight shifted to him when he was selected to play one of Marvel’s hit superheroes, the “Black Panther.” This role won him the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Image Award and the Screen Actors Guild Award, which further demonstrates his immense talent for the job.

In summary, Boseman’s roles were memorable as he acted as some of the most motivational and courageous characters out there. He served as a role model to his audiences and fans, with people keeping him in their hearts to this day.

Evidently, Boseman was not just a talented actor but also an exceptional human being. As stated by Kamala Harris, Boseman was a man of various positive qualities. Harris denoted that Boseman was kind, humble and brilliant, further proving just how great of a person he was. He wasn’t just a revered actor—- he was also honorable as a person. Referencing the impact he had made on millions of lives, many celebrities, friends and fans could be seen on social media giving their support to Boseman’s family.

All in all, as we gather to commemorate his contributions to this country, we pray that he will find happiness in the spiritual world above. His meaningful portrayals of the many historical characters of the past demonstrated to the world just how powerful Black people can be. Boseman was the hero we needed in a time of crisis, and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Wakanda forever.

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