“The Batman:” the Gotham City vigilante we were waiting for

In the night sky, it is clear. 

The Batman is the one to fear, 

taking over the superhero scene 

With its movie premiere.

The Batman takes place in the city of Gotham where crime is at an all-time high. Directed by Matt Reeves, the film focuses on the crime syndicates within the city and the corruption of the Gotham police department. Batman, portrayed by Robert Pattinson, hunts down the Riddler, a notorious serial killer, by solving the mysteries behind the police department and, at the same time,  uncovers secrets behind his family.

When the movie was first announced, The Batman created a lot of turmoil for fans of the DC Universe. They were uncertain of Robert Pattinson playing the role of Batman when Ben Affleck’s Batman still exists, while also living up to the popularity of Christian Bale.

With fans uneasy with this casting, the premiere would take them by surprise. With the amazing directing of Reeves, he was able to put together a superhero film realistic to its setting, where death happens, taking a toll on the hero, and where the hero can’t always save everyone. 

Another interesting point this movie is able to make is that people love a crazy psychopath as the main villain. Paul Damos’ interpretation of The Riddler is loved by fans all over, because he truly committed himself to this role, much like Heath Ledger Joker, who was also loved by fans. Showing the darkness that lies within Gotham, the twisted minds it creates are very appealing to fans because this is what they had hoped for. A new start to a franchise going in the right direction. 

Pattinson’s Batman is arguably even darker than its predecessor, Ben Affleck. His performance marks a cinematic return to the gritty alleyways and crime-infested streets of Gotham City for a more grounded, evolving caped crusader. He showcases this persona of Bruce Wayne that is not the playboy millionaire everyone’s used to, but a Bruce barely getting adjusted to the millionaire lifestyle and being Batman at the same time. Truly,  the version of the Gotham City vigilante that theatergoers have been waiting for. 

To top it all off, the movie lays out the map for possible routes this universe can take. One is the different spin-off shows that will appear on HBO Max after The Batman. Much like the Penguin spin-off show starring Colin Farrel, the movie entails that this universe can be entirely just about the Gotham universe, and we can see other characters related to Gotham and Batman. For example, there is a possibility of seeing Robin, Batman’s sidekick, and even more Batman-related villains. It is smart of Matt Reeves to not introduce heroes like Superman into this universe because, as we can see from Zack Snyder’s impression of the Justice League, it does not always work out well. 

With the directing of Matt Reeves and the acting of Robert Pattinson, the future of this franchise is in good hands. 

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