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The Bachelor Winter Games dissatisfies viewers

Bachelor Winter Games

 It is the season of love! Or, is it?

 The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games are now in full swing, and with it the reality show The Bachelor Winter Games.

 In this knockoff version of the Olympic Games, contestants from television shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are paired together to compete against other couples in a series of winter sports. The reality show also include dates and rose ceremonies, and features bachelors and bachelorettes from all over the world.

 Consequently, the beautiful snow capped mountains and the paired-up couples seemingly set the stage for genuine romance to develop as well as legitimate winter sports to be watched and enjoyed. However, in the end, the show’s quality is hindered by altogether lousy athleticism, constant childish behavior and the exaggerated drama and cheesiness from the contestants.

 In the first quarter of episode three, the remaining bachelors and bachelorette couples compete against each other in a skiing contest for the prize of a date card. Even though the ski course appears to be professionally prepared, the skiing skills and attitudes of the contestants are pitiful when compared to their resources. For example, most of the bachelorettes fell after taking their first steps, while the few who had past skiing experiences had a smooth run down the hill. While the show is mostly a matchmaking show, the directors failed to take into consideration the need for teaching contestants the basics of skiing for the sake of audience satisfaction. Moreover, most of the women either whine or complain about the difficulty of skiing, displaying childish behavior while also making viewers question why the contestants participated in the first place. In other words, the contestants did not even try to ski correctly, instead grumbling, and sometimes even left it up to their bachelor partner to get the prize.

 All in all, although the show is obviously not the real Olympics; the contestants’ unreasonably   lackluster skiing performance combined with their poor attitudes set  a ludicrous mood for the remainder of the episode. Moreso, these factors do not do justice to the show’s title of “Winter Games.”

 The naive behaviors of the contestants throughout the show give the sense that the viewer is watching a teen high school drama instead of an adult reality show. Provocative language, shallowness of supposedly adult conversations and sometimes apparent scripted dialogue are all the result of the childlike actions of the contestants. For instance, in episode three, the conversation between Ashley and Ben about Ben’s emotional state is both unnatural and awkward. Ben’s response about his opinion on dating contains forced depth that does not fit with the conversational styles of the rest of the contestants. Overall, the context of Ashley and Ben’s conversation illustrates their immaturity when it comes to relationships and, granted, is probably the reason why they participated in this show.

 Moreover, both the interview questions to the contestants and the contestants’ responses before the skiing contest demonstrate the lack of depth throughout the show. For example, one interview question given to a contestant is “Does [the slope] look scary?” The response of the contestant is an equally dull, “yes.” With all the components of the show and the significance of the skiing race, this question and answer prove to be bland and pointless, making the events in the show take on a even more dull tone, which fails to draw the audience in.

 Additionally, one of the most significant characteristics of the entire show is the drama. Since it is a reality TV show, there are heartbreaks and plot twists; however, these events seem less dramatic than the contestants actually make it out to be. Given, most these contestants have only been acquainted with each other for a few weeks at most, which is not enough time to truly know the person deeply.

 Ultimately, with its melodrama and lame sports, the show fails to attract viewers In the end, the only aspect the show succeeds in is making viewers not want to watch anymore.

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