The annual Fall Rally does it again!

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted the annual fall rally at the amphitheater during lunch on Sep. 30. 

  The fall rally included 3 dances performed by some of our varsity fall sports and spotlight on the captains. The list included football, girls’ volleyball, cross country, boys’ water polo, girls’ tennis and girls’ golf.

  The fun break from academics gave Wilson students a chance to get to know our sports captains better like football’s Daniel Zarzosa and Johnny Houng (12) and girls’ golf Angela Xu (12).

  For ASB, it was an easy occasion to put together compared to their busy schedule for Wilson’s events that occur during the year.

  ASB president senior Caroline Gin vocalized her gratitude with how the rally turned out and all the members who helped assemble it.

  ASB president senior Caroline Gin, says, “It is always fun organizing rallies and not as stressful compared to rallies for Homecoming or Back-to-school. Thankfully our members work hard, especially our rally group who stays organized and makes sure everything is planned out in advance.”

  Gin also spoke on her thoughts on the dances themselves. 

  “My personal favorite dance was cross country. I never got to see them dance my freshman and junior year so it was so exciting to see them perform for the first time!” Gin said, “I also think golf would be fun to watch since I personally have never seen them dance either, just like cross country.”

  Cross country’s varsity runner Yuu Duffy expressed how dancing for the rally was no joke.

  “Learning the dance for the rally was a little rushed because I forgot to set things up but we had a group of dedicated people who were willing to stay after school, so it worked out in the end since we had to practice an estimated 6 hours of dance to perfect it. Being able to perform for Wilson’s student body was definitely an amazing feeling. Especially being able to bring hype to all of our other fall sports as well.” said Duffy.

 The rally let all students come together to watch 3 amazing performances by our fall sports teams! The excitement was through the roof as everyone watched with a smile on their faces. Good job to all of the teams who performed in the rally and most importantly ASB for setting up such an amazing event!


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