Ten year losing streak against Los Altos is broken as Wilson emerges with a shocking win

Boys’ basketball defeated cross-town rival Los Altos HS by 69-65 on Jan. 4.  

The game opened with Wilson managing to stay in a comfortable lead until the end of the first half. After the break, however, Los Altos gradually gained a heavy lead which continued until about halfway through the fourth quarter. 

As the Wildcats hustled to beat the clock, fouls began adding up for Los Altos, which gave Wilson the free throws it needed to eventually catch up before the end of the game. Despite being down 14 points with only six minutes left of the game, the Wildcats stayed focused and fought their way toward a victory. 

Head Coach Willie Allen points out the team’s calm composure during the stressful matchup. 

“What stood out to me was when I talked to the boys in a late-game time out,” Allen said. “They were not rattled and stayed calm and collected, knowing exactly what we needed to do to come back and they implemented that in the game.” 

Allen also highlights multiple key players that lead the team to its turning point. 

“We had a superb performance by our senior guard Eric Gurrola with six three-pointers in the game,” Allen said. “I thought that he really put us on his back and gave us the confidence we needed for the run we made. Freshman Justin Kayode also had a go-ahead layup with four seconds left that put us ahead by two points, and I was also proud of Isaiah Diaz, who knocked down two big free throws that helped us seal the game.” 

Varsity captain Eric Gurrola (12) recalls how his team prepared for the game by viewing previous matches and reviewing game strategies. 

“We prepared for the game by watching [previous games] and going over a game plan at our practices that our coaches prepared,” Gurrola said. 

Gurrola also credits his team’s recovery from a wide point difference for most of the game. 

“What stood out to me most was how the team was able to come back from a 14-point deficient and win the game.” 

Justin Kayode (9) also comments on the results of the game, stating that they still have room to improve. 

“I was somewhat satisfied with the final score, but I think that we [could] always improve on offense and defense,” Kayode said. 

The Wildcats’ next game is on Jan. 6 at South Hills HS.

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