Ted: Restuffed

  The Ted show is such a joyous, unexpected, and welcome addition to the Ted franchise. It released on January 11, 2024 on Peacock as an exclusive event series for Peacock.

  The show is the third installment in the Ted franchise, having two movies in the lineup being Ted and Ted 2 respectively. The humor in the movies, and still is, pretty crude and definitely will surprise you with how little it pulls punches. 

Of course, there is just no way to talk about the show and movie without talking about the creator. Seth Macfarlane is the creator of Ted and has lots of notable works like Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Futurama. He has a crazy portfolio making some of your favorite comedies that you and lots of people from all walks of life have enjoyed.

  First things first, this show is definitely not for everyone. People who dislike crude humor should probably look elsewhere for entertainment. Some of the instances of this could range anywhere from jokes about Al Qaeda to genitals, or drug abuse or about how your college professor is looking to score some.

  The show uses lots of fun lines about puberty, growing up, Al Qaeda, and a lot of other safe-for-a-school-newspaper lines. It feels like every conversation is crafted with the intent to get a laugh with no in-betweens. The characters are written into extremes with the dad usually being pretty mad and over the top, the mom being passive, quiet, and kind.

  Every episode has a plot and a subplot with varying degrees of focus from A plot to B plot.

  This series has so much potential because the show is set in 1993 to 1994, and lots of different movies and TV shows and other cultural events happened in that time period of the 90’s.

  When the show was released, it garnered a lot of attention online since people loved the comedy. Ranging from the crude to the witty, it made some people believe that comedies can be funny again!

  With attention spans getting ever smaller this show is kinda perfect for that. It always gives you something to pay attention to or something to reset your attention span. 

  The show has a great future ahead of it if it keeps churning out episodes like this. I and many others are excited to see what kind of laughs are to come.

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