Team Up for St. Jude volunteers at foundation marathon


  Team Up for St. Jude volunteered at the annual GO2 Lung Cancer Foundation Walk/Run on Sunday, Feb. 9. 

  Members of the walk performed several tasks such as passing out food and water to the marathon’s participants. The marathon raised awareness for lung cancer and celebrated patients all around. 

  According to club president senior Ashley Ko, the event allowed members to serve their community and raise awareness for the foundation. 

  “The walk [served] as an important [opportunity] for our club to raise awareness for cancer as well as offer others a chance to volunteer,” Ko said. “I felt very excited to volunteer with my club and it was especially amazing to see some of the runners come in before everyone else.”

  In addition, vice president junior Carol Li believes the walk served as an ample opportunity for the club to regain their spirit in volunteering. 

  “This walk is the first one we participated in this year and it definitely helped our club get back into rhythm after winter break,” Li said. “In the future, we want to continue planning more crafts and projects for St. Jude patients with our club.” 

  Overall, member sophomore Jasmine Yang felt inspired by the marathon’s participants’ passion for the cause. 

  “My favorite part of the walk was when we handed out snacks and water to the first few runners who had just completed their run,” Yang said. “Their animated spirit manifested their compassion towards the research of lung cancer and really made such a great environment for us volunteers.”

  Team Up for St. Jude will volunteer at the LA Marathon on Sunday, Mar. 8.


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