Taylor Swift’s new album has fans in love


  “People haven’t always been there for me but music always has,” Taylor Swift formerly said.

  On Aug. 23, Republic Records released Taylor Swift’s long awaited seventh studio album: Lover

  Described as  a “love letter to love,” Lover recognizes the ups and downs of love by incorporating more joyous tones in a compilation of 18 songs, straying away from the dark sounds of her previous album, Reputation.

  After patiently waiting for the new album’s release, Swift’s fans are finally able to stream Lover, the biggest-selling album of 2019 in the US just two days after being released. According to Neil Music, the album approached half a million dollars in sales only after its second day of release.  

  Essentially, the album’s catchy beats, sentimental lyrics and beautiful cinematography in the music videos  combine to create a big hit in the music industry. 

  Furthermore, the catchy beats sets the mood for every song in Lover. In the first song titled “I Forgot That You Existed,”  it begins the sound of snapping in unison and the playing of the piano. The snapping continues into the song’s duration, but the piano instrumentals fade away as the bass enters with the beginning of the chorus. Throughout, Swift’s voice and the background music tie together to form a rhythmic, catchy single. 

 Additionally, the emotional lyrics showcased throughout the album allows the audience to truly understand the hardships Swift experienced with past relationships. The second song of Swift’s new album, “Lover,” reflects the relationship she is having with English actor, Joe Alwyn. 

  Three years ago, Swift and Alwyn met at the 2016 Met Gala and have been dating ever since. Swift includes the lyrics “Can I go where you go?” indicating that they are ready to spend their future together. This message echoes throughout the album as Swift demonstrates in Lover, she shows her relationship of love through her emotional lyrics.

  Moreover, many other songs for example “The Man” and “London Boy” that were included in Lover, portrayed Swift’s feelings about love.

  Furthermore, Swift’s fourteenth song in her new album, “You Need To Calm Down,” begins with Swift in a trailer decorated lavishly in bubblegum style. Ultimately in “You Need To Calm Down,” Swift wanted to inform people in our current generation that were against the LGBTQ+ community to calm down by inviting LGBTQ+ celebrities to be included in her music videos, specifically including a decorated background to show that she supports the LGBTQ+ community.

  In conclusion, Lover has delivered a celebration of love, in all its “complexity, coziness, and chaos” by incorporating memorable beats, affectionate lyrics and aesthetic cinematography within her music videos throughout the entire album. 

  All in all, Lover marks the end of Swift’s turbulent era and signifies the beginning of a new period of calm.


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