Tangled Yarn Introduces New Crochet Project

  Glen A. Wilson High School (GAWHS) Tangled Yarn Club announced a fun, new crochet project for members in their meeting on Feb. 26. 

  The new project that was announced is a fun and engaging Amigurumi crochet, a type of Japanese crocheting style that uses a single crochet. Members will be able to learn this new style and practice it to create a fun design of a whale.

  Tangled Yarn president Jessica Stanek (12) explains why she and her cabinet decided on this particular style and how it will help benefit members. 

  “First, we consider their skill level.  Since many of our members are new, they just learned how to single crochet,” Stanek explains. “We chose a project that only uses only single crochet and has no sewing so that members are more comfortable and can enjoy the project.”

  In addition, Stanek also hopes that the project will allow members to learn a new crochet technique for future projects. She also hopes members see the project outside of being a project and a way for them to relax and destress. 

  “I hope that members learn how to make a magic circle, which allows them to crochet round pieces. Amigurumi, which are crocheted stuffed animals, requires that new skill. Members would be able to apply this technique to crochet other stuffed animals. It is also very relaxing for members to crochet, as they can do it while listening to music or watching a movie,” Stanek shares.

  Lastly, Publicity Skylar Fan (11) expresses how excited she is about the upcoming project including enjoying the pattern that her cabinet has chosen.

  “I really look forward to making the whale, since it is such a cute pattern. Despite already knowing how to crochet, I learn new things from this club everytime,” Fan said. 

  Tangled Yarn helps connect those who love crocheting and those who want to learn a new skill. Open to anyone, they are always accepting new members so check out the club on Instagram @gawhstangledyarn for more information about upcoming meetings and projects.

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