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Tangled Yarn begins crochet project to bring warmth to disadvantaged communities

As the winter holidays approach, crochet club Tangled Yarn seeks to bring warmth to disadvantaged communities with their five-by-five swatch project with deadlines extended to post-winter break. 

Calling for crocheters of all skill levels, the five-by-five swatch project collects donations of five-by-five inch swatches in any stitch pattern for blanket-making. In return, participating students also receive an opportunity to accumulate service hours. However, due to upcoming exams and holidays, the Tangled Yarn cabinet has decided to delay the deadline for this project until the week after winter break. 

Since this is Tangled Yarn’s first donation project of the year, club president Jessica Stanek (11) discusses the goals and incentives of the project.

“The goal of this project is to give crocheters an opportunity to contribute to making at least three club blankets for donation,” Stanek explained. “The incentives for donations include community bonding and the opportunity to earn 30 minutes of service hours per swatch donated.”

In addition to this donation project, secretary Kaitlyn Chan talks about the club’s crochet tutorial project that aims to squeeze in a creative mental break in students’ busy schedules.

“Recently, our club members have been learning the basics of crochet, such as how to make a foundation chain and single crochet,” Chan says. “Crochet is a fun way to destress and create new things. So make sure to stop by our meetings during lunch every Friday!”

Last but not least, member Kayla Kwon (10) comments on her experience with Tangled Yarn so far.

“I really enjoy being in the club because it makes me feel relaxed and helps me learn new things. I have always wanted to learn how to crochet, so it [is] a great experience.” Kwon remarks. “And though I am not joining in on this project because of the [upcoming] finals, I will join the next project coming up for sure!”

Despite the untimely clash with exams and deadlines, Tangled Yarn’s initiative to support students and the nearby community continues to shine — all in the spirit of love for crochet.

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