Swim Team Stays

On Mar. 2, boys’ swim lost their third meet of the season at West Covina HS.

Head coach Mia Carlisle elaborates on how the team will improve from here.

“We want to focus more on the athletes’ diving and turns in order to truly succeed in their races,” Carlisle said.

Head captain Kyler Khang (10) describes how uplifting the team supports athletes who are facing new challenges.

“Having to swim a new event yesterday, my teammates were very understanding and supportive,” Khang said. “I believe encouraging my teammates is something not just myself, but everyone does in order to boost our performance.”

In addition, Khang explains how upholding the comradery among his teammates is his central focus in his efforts to lead the team. 

“Our team always hypes up and encourages one another before each event,” Khang said. “Aside from winning, of course, I hope I can create a fun season for my teammates and eventually look back on enjoying our time with each other.”

Despite the loss, Theo Wong (10) agrees that the bond between him and his teammates makes the hard work and effort worth it. 

“If it were not for my friends, I probably would not be trying as hard,” Wong said. “They really motivate me in the pool.”

Boys’ swim will next take on Chaffey HS on the road on Mar. 9.

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