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Swift releases not so “Gorgeous” song

TS Gorgeous

 Just two months ago, Taylor Swift rose from the dead. However, it would be better if she went back, because she has released yet another terrible song. Meanwhile, we are still trying to recover from the joke that is “Look What You Made Me Do.” On the bright side, at least she isn’t trying to rap anymore.

Released on Oct. 19 at approximately 10 P.M. Swift’s newest single “Gorgeous” is the third promotional track from her sixth album, “Reputation.”

 “Gorgeous” finds Swift back in her played out comfort zone of love songs and petty feuds. Swift ultimately disappoints fans with a plain track, simple melody and even simpler lyrics.

 Firstly, the way the melody is syncopated causes the song to sound more like a ringtone than a hit single. The track’s musical bed leans toward the electro-throb rhythms of Swift’s two preceding singles, “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready for It?” Perhaps even worse, the song fails to  incorporate acoustic instruments and reminds fans about the death of the country artist whom they grew up loving. The only evidence of an instrument in the arrangement lies in a quick pause before the chorus, which sounds suspiciously like…a triangle solo.

 Apart from the elementary melody, the childish lyrics do not impart any meaningful message and resemble the writing skills of a high schooler as she drools over a crush. Swift’s illogical lyrics describe her frustration over  a man being too “Gorgeous.” And, of course, it is somehow the man’s fault for ruining Swift’s life, because she “can’t even look at your face, because look at your face.” Even when the subjects of Swift’s songs are completely different, she still finds a way to blame someone else in every song she writes, contributing toward a vanilla album of generic songs.

 Perhaps even worse, the lyrics reveal that, despite already having an older boyfriend, Swift continues to yearn after a younger, more attractive man. Swift gives her listeners the impression that it is acceptable to cheat in a relationship if one is lusting over a more gorgeous man.

 The totality of the song consists of lyrics that are just as tacky and dull as Swift’s first promotional track, “Look What You Made Me Do.” As subpar as “Look What You Made Me Do” is, it at least has a more unique theme of revenge as opposed to the generic theme of love and lust found in “Gorgeous.”

 Speaking of themes, the release of “Gorgeous” only serves to bring more confusion about the direction of Swift’s album. Already containing the three promotional singles, “Reputation” undoubtedly lacks the cohesiveness that is expected from albums written by artists of Swift’s stature. It is unclear what theme Swift is trying to convey. While one song speaks of rebirth and another of lust, the singles that Swift has released thus far fail to give her listeners any sense of the album to come.

 However, it goes without saying that Swift is definitely trying something new with her forthcoming album, although it would be easier on the ears if she were not.

 Swift has the ability to write lyrics more well-crafted than those in “Gorgeous.” As shown by her fourth album “Red,” Swift can stay true to her roots in country music while also incorporating elements of pop in her songs. This attractive balance is what draws Swift’s fans into her music, as evident when “Red” became Swift’s first number one album in the United Kingdom and topped the charts across the world. “Red” gave Swift’s fans one last glimpse of her pure music before it became tainted with narratives of her dramas.

 Clearly, Swift did nothing but disappoint her fans as she started engineering her music for the mainstream media. It is disappointing to see an artist as talented as Swift peak and start to decline, but unfortunately, it seems as if Swift’s songs to come will be anything but “Gorgeous.”

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