Summer classes to resume over distance learning


    Recently, Wilson counselors announced that summer school will continue online. 

  The remedial and advancement classes offered will have the same circumstances as they would regularly, such as letter grades and will continue online in the distance learning format. Courses such as Math, English and World History will not be instructed by Wilson, but they will be offered at other schools within the district. For those who missed out on applying, the late registration began on May 4 and continued through May 13. 

  According to teacher Jungsoo Han, the decision of online summer school is to ensure the student’s safety.

  “Online summer school makes sense since the health and safety of our students is our top priority. We do not have enough testing for coronavirus so we do not know how widespread it is,” Han said.

   As stated by sophomore Alex Castro, he believes that shutting down the school was the best way to ensure the students’ safety.

     “Going back to school will be difficult and many things will have to be relearned or taught for the first time so scheduling will be an issue, so it’s a good idea to organize online learning [during the summer],” Castro said. 

    Online summer schools will begin in what is presumed the same time as any other year, and late registration is still available until further notice.

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