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Kenneth Kakimoto

Did you teach before coming to Wilson?

“Yes, I taught at Workman High School for seven years and before that, I taught at Sintenio High School for 6 years.”

Why did you choose to teach high school?

“I could not teach in middle school because the students acted like little animals. [I enjoy] teaching high school students because I can relate to the students more and have [mature] conversations.”

What is your favorite hobby?

“[During my free time] I watch baseball, basketball or football. However, I do not play these sports [as often] anymore.”

Whos your favorite actor or music artist?

“One of my favorite bands would be ‘The Killers.’”


Eilene Shin

What is most difficult about being a math teacher? 

“It is difficult when students are not interested in learning math simply due to the fact that they believe math is difficult.”

How do you keep your students engaged?

“I try to use different activities or games; for example, I have students share answers and pair up with each other for different activities.”

Favorite type of ice cream?

“I love to eat coffee flavored ice cream.”

Would you rather travel the world or visit every state in the U.S.?

“I would rather travel the world because [traveling outside the U.S. is usually more difficult.]


Mijin Kim

Do you offer anything for students who struggle?

“I am open for tutoring on Mondays and Thursdays after school from three to four, and if a student can not make it at that time, I try to arrange a time where I can help them one-on-one.”

What levels of math do you teach and why?

“I teach two periods of Math 2 Honors, two periods of Math 3 and one period of Pre-calculus. I had originally signed up for these classes, but I would have preferred handling two instead of three.”

What is your biggest pet peeve?

“My biggest pet peeve would be people not admitting to their mistakes; it is okay to make mistakes, but not okay to avoid or lie about it.”

Would you rather control fire or water?

“I would rather control water because to me, water is less scary and also more useful to survive.”



Michael Wever

What made you want to teach math?

“Math was always my favorite subject in high school, I tutored a lot of math in high school and college; after I realized that [math] was something I was really good at and  I decided to make a career.”

For how long have you been teaching math here at Wilson?

“This is my sixteenth year.”

What is your favorite movie or show?

“The bourne movies with Matt Damon.”

Summer or winter?


20190916_124347 (1).jpg

Tamara Lin


If you were not a teacher, what would you want to be doing?

“I have wanted to teach my whole life. I would have wanted to be a stay at home mother, but since [my]  kids are all adults, I have no idea what I would be doing!”

What is your favorite memory so far of teaching?

“I love when my students come back to visit me. I also attended one of my student’s weddings while I was teaching, which was an amazing experience.”

Favorite amusement park?

“Definitely Disneyland, because my daughter works at California Adventures, so I can go to Disneyland whenever I want for free.”

If you could stay at any age what would it be and why?

“Well, I am fifty years old right now, I lost eighty-nine pounds, I am very healthy and life is good. I [would] just stay at my age.”


John Sandoval

Over the years, do you think math got easier or harder to teach?

“ I believe math is always the same it is just the way you present it. Although it is more difficult for students to work for the answer [because]technology [makes them] not want to work as much as they used to but it is the same math [that] never changed.”

What college did you go to?

“I went to Fullerton and Cal State Fullerton for my associates degree in kinesiology,  my bachelors and my teaching credentials. Then I did a cohort through University of California Los Angeles to get my math credential. Then I went to Concordia University to get my masters and administration degree.”

Would you rather go on a shopping spree anywhere or have the latest technology?

“I would rather go on a shopping spree anywhere, because there are things I may need more than technology. Technology is so advanced now and so confusing to me, so I would rather go on a shopping spree.”

Would you rather witnessed the alien or zombie apocalypse?

“The alien apocalypse, definitely.”



Steve Gonzales

What would you be teaching if  it was not math?

“I would like to teach history [because] I have always been interested in world history and ancient civilization, so I think that is a subject that would really be fun to teach. I have also taught english in the past for 4 years, so I also like english a lot.”

What do you think is the most important part of being a teacher?

“Think the most important thing about being a teacher is making connections with your students. Without getting comfortable with you students, they will not learn as much from you and you will not have much of an impact on them.” 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I love to go on runs, hikes and stay active overall. I also love to play video games and play sports.”

Do you have any words of wisdom?

“Always try your best and look on the bright side, because although things may look tough at the moment, it will help develop you into a better person in the future.”



Shirley Young

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Helping a student go through a learning process and grow into a better skilled person throughout the year is amazing. As they gain knowledge and the skills to be a self inquirer, I get to [witness their growth] and that is a great feeling.”

Do you like the campus you are teaching on?

“I do,  I believe that the students are generally nice to each other, and the campus is very safe.”

Would you rather be a professional skier or surfer?

“I am neither skilled at speed nor swimming, so I would not pick either!”

Favorite childhood cartoon?

“Definitely Tom and Jerry.”


Yan Zheng

For how long did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

“Ever since high school, I wanted to make lots of money off of tutoring, get a strong education, and become a teacher.” 

Why do you think math is important for everyday life?

“Beyond the numbers, math teaches you how to think logically and use the tools you have to achieve anything. Of course, math-wise, I believe everyone should know how to manage or finance so you do not get cheated or scammed of your money in the future.”

Would you rather have a pet that lives forever or never-ending snacks?

“I will take the snacks.”

Would you rather have a pet dragon or unicorn?

“I will take the unicorn, because I do not want the dragon to burn down my house, and I think my daughter will love the unicorn much more.”


20190916_101508 (1).jpg

Jason Eusebi

What made you want to be a teacher?

“I wanted to help others understand math. I wanted to be a weatherman at first, but I did not like the idea of sitting behind a desk all the time.”

What is your teaching philosophy?

“That all students can learn math. I know they can and I work to try and make them learn by giving them multiple methods to try and attempt the math as best they can.”

If you won the lottery, what would you do?

“To be honest, I would not want to retire. However, I would probably teach more on my terms than schools.”

What inspires you?

“My family inspires me a lot. I do a lot for my wife and baby with this career. My students are all very inspiring to me as well, especially when they do not give up on learning something they do not quite understand at first.”

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